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Teaching Pedagogy MCQs Online Quiz Test

Solved Question Answers For Educators Teaching Jobs Tests NTS, PPSC, CSS, PMS, OTS and Interviews MCQS. All educators teaching jobs questions with solved answers quiz test. Online helpful teaching pedagogy Multiple Choice Objective type technology pedagogy PDF book free download for exams tests.

Solved MCQs Online Quiz Test Pedagogy Teaching Objective Type Question Answers
Pedagogy Question Answers Quiz

Learn solved pedagogy basics question answers with solutions of Pedagogy teachers Guide. Pedagogy design question answers for Interviews exams preparations. Teaching jobs pedagogy definition and teaching educational services online guide.

Online Teaching Pedagogy MCQs Quiz Test

Solved Question Answers Objective Type Pedagogy

Q.1: Bloom’s taxonomy is a set of ---------- learning domains ?

  1. two
  2. three
  3. four
  4. five


Q.2: The standard deviation is the ---------- of the variance ?

  1. square
  2. square root
  3. cube
  4. cube root


Q.3: An assessment is ---------- if it consistently achieves the same results with the same (or similar) students ?

  1. Valid
  2. Invalid
  3. Reliable
  4. Unreliable


Q.4: The models based on the philosophy that learning occurs when there are changes in mental structure are called------- ?

  1. Knowledge Learning Models
  2. Effective Learning Models
  3. Cognitive Learning Models
  4. Psychomotor learning models


Q.5: When taking a project you would ?

  1. Not mind failure as you feel even then you will learn something
  2. Take it up only when you are assured of co-operation of others and success
  3. Plan it very carefully and see that there is no chance of failure
  4. Be hurt if criticized and leave the project if criticism is too much


Q.6: When the teacher forms different groups among the students that take turns asking other groups questions the strategy he/she is using is the------- ?

  1. Cooperative Learning
  2. Cooperative Review
  3. Group work
  4. Cooperative Thinking


Q.7: Which of the following is the social characteristics of a child ?

  1. He understands the tone of voice .i.e. love or hate
  2. He recognizes his mother in the third month
  3. His play is self-centered
  4. All of the above


Q.8: The skill when students try to build abstract knowledge is called--------- ?

  1. originating
  2. characterizing
  3. evaluating
  4. synthesizing


Q.9: The aim of a teacher is--------- ?

  1. To help students get through in the examination
  2. To make students disciplined
  3. To develop the abilities of students
  4. To develop the social behaviours among students


Q.10: Mother is the ------------ academy of a child ?

  1. Social
  2. Natural
  3. Optional
  4. First