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Pedagogy MCQs With Answers | Quiz Test

These MCQs are Helpful for Educators Teachers Jobs Tests For NTS, PPSC, FPSC and Other Teaching Related Jobs. Pedagogy Is the Early Education Development of Children / Students. All of these Multiple choice Questions are solved with Answers. Learn These MCQs with Online Solved Quiz Test free and also PDF book is available for the students of B.Ed Class.

Solved MCQs Question Answers Pedagogy MCQs Quiz Tests
Pedagogy Skills Teaching Methods MCQs

Child Development Early Education Multiple Choice Questions With Solved Answers for Interviews in all Private and Government Teaching Jobs/Interviews. You will learn here basics and advanced Pedagogy Question Answers. NTS Tests For SESE, ESE, SSE needs to Learn Pedagogy Theory Question Answers.

Teaching Jobs MCQs Of Pedagogy Quiz Test

Solved MCQs With Answers For Educators Teachers

Q.1: The term heuristic means ---------- in decision making ?

  1. brain storming
  2. calculations
  3. thoroughness
  4. mental shortcuts


Q.2: The idea of teaching the whole child in the philosophy of pragmatism in education means teaching students to be good ?

  1. learners
  2. thinkers
  3. scientists
  4. citizens


Q.3: Curriculum revision should be a/an ---------- process ?

  1. abrupt
  2. continuous
  3. gradual
  4. relative


Q.4: The curriculum of educational institutes should be based on ?

  1. theory
  2. practice
  3. theory and practice
  4. theory, practice and research


Q.5: A common technique to help people begin the creative process is ?

  1. calculations
  2. brain storming
  3. thoroughness
  4. mental shortcuts


Q.6: According to Socrates of Meno, virtue is ?

  1. teachable
  2. unteachable
  3. reachable
  4. unreachable


Q.7: Progressivism believes that children learn in a/an ?

  1. community
  2. competition
  3. isolation
  4. closed environment


Q.8: Plato argued that ---------- are fit to rule ?

  1. educationists and philosophers
  2. only educationists
  3. only philosophers
  4. only psychologists


Q.9: According to Plato, the highest goal in all of education is knowledge of the ?

  1. science
  2. mathematics
  3. philosophy
  4. good


Q.10: A normal human being has ---------- senses ?

  1. 4
  2. 5
  3. 6
  4. 7