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Pedagogy MCQs | FPSC Educators Quiz Tests

B.Ed MCQs For Educators And All Other Teaching Jobs Solved MCQs Type Questions With Solved answers child development education question answers. Pedagogy in education mcqs pedagogy mcqs for NTS - National Testing Service Jobs tests. Learn online quiz tests of Pedagogy with solved question answers for Educators exams tests of Pakistan Public Service Commission Teaching Jobs interviews and screening tests.

Solved MCQs With Answers Pedagogy Question Answers
FPSC Pedagogy Teaching Jobs

Pedagogy is the study of child development education system. Learn here online educational MCQs with Quiz Questions with solved answers. Federal Public Service Commission FPSC MCQs solved quiz tests.

Online Pedagogy MCQs Quiz Test For Educators

Educators Solved MCQs With Answers Teaching Tests

Q.1: Every system of education is based on---------- ?

  1. Ideology of nation
  2. Social development
  3. Intellectual development
  4. Skill development


Q.2: The ---------- says, we are motivated to gain rewards and avoid punishments ?

  1. law of effect
  2. law of exercise
  3. law of readiness
  4. law of connectionism


Q.3: The “Academy” was founded in---------- ?

  1. Athens
  2. Stagira
  3. Macedonia
  4. Chakis


Q.4: The use of a physical punishment for class management is called--------- ?

  1. extinction technique
  2. satiation technique
  3. time out technique
  4. corporal punishment


Q.5: Which of these skills do you consider extremely important for a teacher ?

  1. Listening Skills
  2. Managerial Skills
  3. Oration Skills
  4. Teaching Skills


Q.6: Effective teaching is a function of---------- ?

  1. Perfect classroom discipline
  2. Students self learning
  3. Clear and precise communication
  4. Regular teaching


Q.7: Those students, who frequently ask questions in the class----------- ?

  1. Should be advised to meet the teacher outside the classroom
  2. Should be encouraged to take part in debates in the class
  3. Should be encouraged to find out the answers on their own
  4. Should be encouraged to ask questions on a continuous basis


Q.8: The main aim of classroom teaching is--------- ?

  1. To give information
  2. To develop inquiring mind
  3. To develop personality of students
  4. To help students pass examinations


Q.9: Which Is Not The Advantage Of Team Teaching ?

  1. A Better Utilization Of Resources
  2. Better Planning
  3. Better Use Of Teaching Techniques
  4. Better Financial Benefits Of Teacher


Q.10: Why will you ask questions from students during the course of a lecture ?

  1. To learn which one of the students is the brightest one
  2. Are the students carefully listening to your lecture ?
  3. To learn whether students are understanding (the lecture) or not
  4. To assists the students