Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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What Are Users Data And How It is Collected On This Site.

Comments: When Any User Who leave here any comments About Our Site. We collect data shown in comment form below on that page where user want to comment and want to share information to others also, Or to the Admin of this site. The IP Address of that visitor is also collected by the Browser for spam detection.

If any user who comment here other users will be seen that comments if the admin of this site Publish that comment. If you want to send any Information to the Admin Only then you can contact admin by submitting form "Contact Us" On this site.

Users of this site can download any information and can be share to any other social networks for Information or Knowledge base.


If you leave any comment on this site, Your comment will be visible to the others users also. If you have any question then Admin or may be other user can Reply you for solving your question answers.

If you have login with your Gmail account and provide any information in comment form then your cookies determine if your browser accepts cookies. When you close your browser all the cookies discarded, and cookies contains no any personal data.

How You can Erase Your Comment:

If any user want to erase his/her comment on this site. He/she can easily Using ID that was used on the posting of comment time. If you are anonymous comment then you can context admin by filling the Contact Us Form for deleting your comment form this site if your comment is visible on this site as anonymous.

How we can use Comments:

We can see comments, If the comments are useful information then that can published for the others users information.

Spamming Comments:

If there is any spam comment activity then automatic spamming software spams that comments. Only Informative comments that contains some information for other users are published after approval by Admin.