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Child Development And Pedagogy Multiple Choice Question Answers

Helpful Child Development Education Question Answers for Pedagogy tests. Learn exams preparations online with NTS Pedagogy Solved MCQs Tests With Objective Type Question Answers for the Teaching Jobs Interviews and exams tests.
Solved MCQs online quiz tests and PDF book of Pedagogy Notes In Urdu are also available for the students.

MCQs Quiz Test Objective Type Child Development Education Question Answers
Pedagogy MCQs Quiz Test

All Educators exams tests for Pedagogy In Pakistan for teaching jobs for the NTS tests for the applicants. CDE Child Development Education Online Pedagogy Notes MCQs by Dogar Brothers books in all tests in Pakistan for Elementary School Educators Tests.

Pedagogy MCQs Quiz Tests For Edcuators ESE

Solved Pedagogy MCQs Notes In Urdu/English

Q.1: The famous book “The Republic” was written by---------- ?

  1. Socrates
  2. Plato
  3. Aristotle
  4. John Locke


Q.2: The extinction technique of classroom management is a technique where teacher ---------- any negative behavior ?

  1. divert
  2. ignore
  3. encourage
  4. discourage


Q.3: Epistemology is the branch of philosophy concerned with the theory of------- ?

  1. education
  2. learning
  3. knowledge
  4. philosophy of education


Q.4: The cooperative learning method which combines whole class learning plus heterogeneous small groups is termed as ?

  1. Circles of learning
  2. Circles of knowledge
  3. Circles of conceptual learning
  4. None of these


Q.5: According to the philosophy of Idealism in education, the subject matter of curriculum should be--------- ?

  1. mathematics
  2. science
  3. physical world
  4. mind


Q.6: According to Aristotle, virtue is a/an ---------- state between excess and deficiency ?

  1. natural
  2. intermediate
  3. real
  4. artificial


Q.7: In John Dewey’s student-centered approach of learning, the role of the teacher is of a------- ?

  1. formal authority
  2. delegator
  3. instructor
  4. facilitator


Q.8: The instructional approach in which objectives are presented to learners in chronological order is known as ?

  1. Chronological Sequencing
  2. Chronological ordering
  3. Chronological teaching
  4. None of these


Q.9: Which of the following is related with teaching skill ?

  1. Blackboard writing
  2. Solving questions
  3. Asking questions
  4. All the above


Q.10: Good teaching is best reflected by--------- ?

  1. Attendance of students
  2. Number of distinctions
  3. Meaningful questions asked by students
  4. Pin-drop silence in the class