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Pedagogy MCQs For NTS Test With Answers

Online Quiz Tests of Pedagogy and Early Child Development Education Question Answers for exams Preparations test. Learn with solved MCQs for educators jobs test for PPSC, NTS, CSS, PMS, OTS, PTS exams Preparations. Online MCQs Pedagogy In Urdu Pdf book is also available for the child development education question answers. Full helpful Pedagogy Book In Urdu MCQs for the quiz exams test for the new teachers.

Objective Type MCQs Quiz Test For Child Development Education Pedagogy Quiz Test
Pedagogy MCQs Online Test

Pedagogy Of Urdu Question answers MCQs with Child Development And Pedagogy Objective Questions Pdf books for the exams preparations tests. Learn with helpful online quiz system interviews type question answers and one word question answers.

Online Pedagogy MCQs Quiz For Educators Test

Pedagogy Solved MCQs With Answers For Exams Preparations

Q.1: The extinction technique of classroom management is a technique where teacher ---------- any negative behavior ?

  1. divert
  2. ignore
  3. encourage
  4. discourage


Q.2: According to John Dewey, children should experience ----------in school to make them better citizens ?

  1. rules
  2. discipline
  3. democracy
  4. practical implementation


Q.3: According to the ----------, the more you do something, the better you are at it ?

  1. law of effect
  2. law of exercise
  3. law of readiness
  4. law of connectionism


Q.4: Which from the following is NOT among the five senses ?

  1. vision
  2. touch
  3. smell
  4. thought


Q.5: The new curriculum should be introduced ?

  1. abruptly
  2. continuously
  3. gradually
  4. relatively


Q.6: According to Robert Sternberg, the three different types of required intelligence for creativity are ?

  1. synthetic, analytical, and practical
  2. analytical, observational and practical
  3. analytical, critical and practical
  4. abstract, synthetic and analytical


Q.7: The psychologist who for the first time proposed the concept of connectionism in learning was ?

  1. Aristotle
  2. Plato
  3. Robert Sternberg
  4. Edward Thorndike


Q.8: The branch of philosophy focuses on the nature of reality is ?

  1. Connectionism
  2. Epistemology
  3. Metaphysics
  4. Pedagogy


Q.9: The connection between stimulus and response is called ?

  1. stimulus-response bond
  2. receiving-accepting bond
  3. stimulus-response paradigm
  4. receiving-accepting paradigm


Q.10: The philosopher who is called the father of Idealism is ?

  1. Aristotle
  2. Plato
  3. Socrates
  4. Edward Thorndike