Associate Professor PPSC Past Papers Solved MCQs For Specialized Healthcare And Medical Education Department Jobs

If you are looking PPSC Associate Professor Past Papers Solved Question Answers for upcoming exams you are here on right page. You will learn here objective type Associate Professor Punjab Public Service Commission Questions with solved answers here.

PPSC MCQS Online Quiz Test
PPSC Associate Professor Past Papers MCQs Quiz Test

Q.1: I am good ---------- tennis?
  1. of
  2. in
  3. about
  4. at
Q.2: The teacher set some homework ------------ the end of the lesson?
  1. of
  2. in
  3. about
  4. at
Q.3: She suffers ----------- a heart disease?
  1. from
  2. in
  3. about
  4. on
Q.4: They decided ---------- the grey sofa?
  1. of
  2. in
  3. about
  4. on
Q.5: He confided --------- me?
  1. of
  2. in
  3. about
  4. on
Q.6: I am envious ----------- them?
  1. of
  2. in
  3. about
  4. on
Q.7: This flying coach is bound------Karachi?
  1. For
  2. From
  3. To
  4. None
Q.8: I would like to thank you ------------ behalf of all of us?
  1. of
  2. on
  3. about
  4. in
Q.9: He is jealous -------------- her success?
  1. of
  2. on
  3. about
  4. in
Q.10: As -------- me; I will be happy to lend a hand?
  1. of
  2. in
  3. about
  4. for
Q.11: He was accused -------------- theft?
  1. of
  2. in
  3. about
  4. on
Q.12: What did you make ---------- the lecture?
  1. of
  2. in
  3. about
  4. on
Q.13: Unfortunately, we had to cancel it owing ----------- the bad weather?
  1. of
  2. in
  3. about
  4. to
Q.14: It was kind --------------- you to help?
  1. of
  2. in
  3. about
  4. on
Q.15: She cares -------- the environment?
  1. of
  2. in
  3. about
  4. on
Q.16: He was embarrassed because everybody was laughing ---------- him?
  1. of
  2. in
  3. about
  4. at
Q.17: Synonym of “AMNESTY” is--------?
  1. Assistance
  2. Security
  3. Judicial
  4. Pardon
Q.18: Synonym of “YOB” is----------?
  1. Annoyed
  2. Intelligent
  3. Humble
  4. Aggressive
Q.19: Synonym of “BONHAMIE” is----------?
  1. friendliness
  2. curriculum
  3. Meticulous
  4. Insolent
Q.20: To”Jazz Up” means to-----------?
  1. Go faster
  2. Make something more exciting
  3. Make a lot of noise
  4. Be Strong
Q.21: There were no opposition to the new policy by the ‘rank and file’ of the Government?
  1. The ordinary members
  2. The official machinery
  3. The majority
  4. The cabinet ministers
Q.22: Synonym of TRUCE is---------?
  1. Armistice
  2. Ratify
  3. Agreement
  4. Settlement
Q.23: Synonym of Foster is --------?
  1. Increase
  2. Lessen
  3. Raise
  4. None
Q.24: What is the synonym for the Exotic?
  1. dull
  2. uninteresting
  3. Unusual
  4. boring
Q.25: What is the cause ------------ the problem?
  1. of
  2. on
  3. about
  4. in
Q.26: It differs -------------- their last suggestion?
  1. about
  2. in
  3. from
  4. of
Q.27: Synonym of Defamation is ----------?
  1. Libel
  2. Slander
  3. both A and B
  4. Commendation
Q.28: Synonym of Confiscated is--------?
  1. Seize
  2. Return
  3. Allow
  4. Free
Q.29: Synonym of Reluctant is --------?
  1. Willing
  2. eager
  3. Unwilling
  4. Ready
Q.30: Synonym of Dissent is---------?
  1. Agree
  2. Accept
  3. Disagree
  4. Assent
Q.31: Synonym of Cagey is --------?
  1. Secretive
  2. Frank
  3. Open
  4. Weak
Q.32: Synonym of “AFICIONADO” is------------?
  1. Enthusiast
  2. Critic
  3. indifferent
  4. Rival
Q.33: Synonym of “INEBRIATE” is-----------?
  1. Dreamy
  2. Stupefied
  3. Drunken
  4. Unsteady
Q.34: Synonym of “Retaliation” is----------?
  1. Reconciliation
  2. Remission
  3. Revenge
  4. Condonation
Q.35: The original inhabitants of a Country?
  1. Aborigines
  2. Citizens
  3. Natives
  4. Primitive
Q.36: The teacher made the naughty boy ----------?
  1. Tiptoe
  2. Tiptoes
  3. To Tiptoe
  4. None of these
Q.37: Synonym of Unhinge is--------?
  1. Sane
  2. Stable
  3. Deranged
  4. Balanced
Q.38: Synonym of Fanatical is----------?
  1. Zealous
  2. Moderate
  3. Open-minded
  4. Rare
Q.39: Synonym of Lurch is--------?
  1. Stagger
  2. Tiptoe
  3. Steady
  4. None of the above
Q.40: Synonym of Warmonger is---------?
  1. Militarist
  2. Pacifist
  3. Honest
  4. Optimist
Q.41: Synonym of Enfeeble is---------?
  1. Weaken
  2. Strengthen
  3. Powerful
  4. Acceptable
Q.42: Synonym of Prudence is------------?
  1. Judgement
  2. Folly
  3. Recklessness
  4. Incapable
Q.43: Synonym of Murky is-----------?
  1. Dark
  2. Gloomy
  3. Bright
  4. Both A and B
Q.44: Synonym of Ominous is----------?
  1. Menacing
  2. Promising
  3. Auspicious
  4. Propitious
Q.45: Synonym of Obscure is ----------?
  1. confusing
  2. Reveal
  3. Clear
  4. Bright
Q.46: Synonym of Gauche is --------?
  1. Awkward
  2. Elegant
  3. Sophisticated
  4. Decent
Q.47: He is averse-------hard work?
  1. on
  2. to
  3. at
  4. from
Q.48: The idiomatic phrase “Spick and Span” means?
  1. Wisdome and foresight
  2. Watch the weather
  3. spotlessly clean
  4. Deceive somebody
Q.49: Synonym of Abysmal is----------?
  1. Dreadful
  2. Awaful
  3. Atrocious
  4. All of them
Q.50: Antonym of Euphony?
  1. Cacophony
  2. pithy
  3. Salophony
  4. Pitching
Q.51: What do you mean by Novel ----------- ?
  1. Short prose
  2. A long fictional prose with many characters
  3. A short narrative prose
  4. A literary work on the stage
Q.52: What the term Short Story stands for: ?
  1. A long prose fiction
  2. A story of figurative language
  3. A story of many characters
  4. A short prose fiction
Q.53: Reptile is to Lizard as Flower is to--------?
  1. Petal
  2. Stem
  3. Daisy
  4. Alligator
Q.54: My first lesson ---------- forgiveness came from my mother?
  1. Upon
  2. About
  3. In
  4. On
Q.55: I’m -------- sure of it as you are?
  1. Quite
  2. As
  3. Perfectly
  4. Very
Q.56: What is the Synonym of the word “INDUBITABLE”?
  1. Certain
  2. Undeniable
  3. Fraudulent
  4. Doubtful
Q.57: I take exercise daily?
  1. Exercise are taken daily by me.
  2. Exercise is taken daily by me.
  3. Exercise is being taken daily by me.
  4. Exercise is been taken daily by me.
Q.58: You will praise her very much?
  1. She will praised very much by you.
  2. She will be praised very much by you.
  3. She will being praised very much by you.
  4. She will been praised very much by you.
Q.59: Why do you tell a lie?
  1. Why a lie told by you?
  2. Why is a lie be told by you?
  3. Why is a lie told by you?
  4. Why is a lite being told you?
Q.60: Why did you waste best part of your life?
  1. Why the best part of your life wasted by you?
  2. Why were the best part of your life wasted by you?
  3. Why did the best part of your life wasted by you?
  4. Why was the best part of your life wasted by you?
Q.61: Will my mother have baked cake?
  1. Will the cake have baked by my mother?
  2. Will the cake has being baked by my mother?
  3. Will the cake be baked by my mother?
  4. Will the cake have been baked by my mother?
Q.62: Who designed a car?
  1. By whom a car designed?
  2. By whom a car had designed?
  3. By whom a car was designed?
  4. By whom a car was being designed?
Q.63: He was driving a car, when accident occurred?
  1. A car driven by him, when the accident occur.
  2. A car was driven by him, when the accident occur.
  3. A car was been driven by him, when the accident occurred.
  4. A car was being driven by him, when the accident occurred.
Q.64: They probably won not attend lecture tomorrow?
  1. The lecture probably not attended by them tomorrow.
  2. The lecture probably won’t be attended by them.
  3. The lecture not probably attended by them tomorrow.
  4. The lecture probably won’t been attended by them tomorrow.
Q.65: The Ship Is Bound-----Pakistan?
  1. Onto
  2. At
  3. To
  4. For
Q.66: Synonyms of ABASEMENT is -------?
  1. Incurrence
  2. Taxation
  3. Pride
  4. Humiliation
Q.67: Synonym of DEFLECT is -------------?
  1. Frustrate
  2. Divert
  3. Revert
  4. Depress
Q.68: What is the synonysm for STRICTURE?
  1. Stricness
  2. Stinging
  3. Censure
  4. Discipline
Q.69: Antonym of “QUOTIDIAN” is---------?
  1. Extraordinary
  2. Certain
  3. Wishful
  4. Premature
Q.70: Synonym of Contaminate is -------------?
  1. Purify
  2. Debase
  3. Clean
  4. Arrange
Q.71: Are they playing match against them?
  1. Is a match being played against our team by them?
  2. Is a match be played against our team by them?
  3. Is a match played against our team by them?
  4. Is a match been played against our team by them?
Q.72: You must obey your parents?
  1. Your parents must obeyed by you.
  2. Your parents must been obeyed by you.
  3. Your parents must be obeyed by you.
  4. Your parents must being obeyed by you.
Q.73: Have you taken a rest?
  1. Have a rest been taken by you?
  2. Have a rest taken by you.
  3. Had a rest taken by you?
  4. Have a rest be take by you?
Q.74: Why does an officer neglect duties?
  1. Why the duties neglected by an officer?
  2. Why are the duties neglected by an officer?
  3. Why is the duties neglected by an officer?
  4. Why are the duties neglect by an officer.
Q.75: Did you visit a zoo?
  1. Was a zoo being visited by you?
  2. Was a zoo be visited by you?
  3. Was a zoo been visited by you?
  4. Was a zoo visited by you?
Q.76: She will invite me?
  1. I shall be invited by her.
  2. I will invited by her.
  3. I shall being invited by her.
  4. I will been invited by her.
Q.77: I was alarmed-------his death?
  1. by
  2. at
  3. upon
  4. from
Q.78: Synonym of EVADE is-------?
  1. Elude
  2. Avoid
  3. dodge
  4. All of these
Q.79: Synonym of VAGUE is---------?
  1. Fuzzy
  2. Clear
  3. ill-timid
  4. Evade
Q.80: Meaning of words and how to use them is called?
  1. Syntax
  2. Semantics
  3. Pragmatics
  4. IPA
Q.81: The list of words in a language is referred to as its-----------?
  1. Vocabulary
  2. Structure
  3. lexicon
  4. Vocal cords
Q.82: They greet me cheerfully every morning?
  1. Every morning I was greeted cheerfully.
  2. I am greeted cheerfully by them every morning.
  3. I am being greeted cheerfully by them every morning.
  4. Cheerful greeting is done by them every morning to me.
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