Basic Computer Science MCQs For Entry Test Jobs Exams

If you are looking Basic and Advanced Multiple Choice Questions With Solved Answers Quiz Tests you are here on right page. you will learn online on this site quiz tests MCQs and also most repeated computer studies questions with solved answers in PDF. Learn online Computer Operator and Data Entry Operators Computer Related Questions With Answers.

Computer Patwari MCQs
Computer Science Related Patwari Jobs Test MCQs

All of these MCQs are most important for upcoming jobs tests and also for Patwari jobs tests in Punjab and Pakistan other Provenience. Patwari Jobs Computer Test MCQs With Answers For Exams Entry Test preparations. Learn these Most important and most repeated questions with solved answers in PDF.

Computer Science MCQs With Answers Patwari Jobs Tests PDF Book

In all over the punjab mostly district courts, data entry operators, computer operators and patwari jobs are mostly announced in which computer related questions and answers are mostly asked. In this PDF solved questions and answers MCQs book you will learn Computer Science Basics, Information Technology IT, MS Windows, Microsoft Office, C Language, Fundamentals of Internet, Softwares basics, Hardware basics, past papers most repeated questions answers.

Civil Engineering MCQS PDF With Answers Quiz

If you are looking Civil Engineering MCQs in PDF for tests or competitive exams preparations. You are here on right page. You will learn in this PDF Guide solved objective type MCQs of Civil Engineering jobs tests. These MCQs are also important for ECAT Engineering College Admission Tests.

Civil Engineering MCQs
Civil Engineering MCQs PDF

Civil engineering jobs related MCQs with answers civil engineering online MCQs objective type questions with solved answers for ECAT Exams and other Engineering Entry tests in Pakistan or world wide. Solved MCQs civil engineering all lab test pdf with solutions.

Civil Engineering MCQs With Answers PDF
Civil engineering basic knowledge and advanced MCQs for companies interviews preparations. Learn online conventional and objective type MCQs with answers. civil engineering objective questions pdf free download with solved past papers MCQs for students. Online civil engineering questions for interview and research papers Quizzes.

Must Know 300 important issues of Ramadan In English URDU

There are many important Things that are important for every Muslim to know During Ramzan or During Fasting in Ramdan Mubarkh. Some of important Issues are here for Know in English and other are here in PDF URDU book for URDU Readers.

Ramdan Karmem Fast

  1. The shar'i definition of fasting is to abstain from certain things. That is to eat and drink and have, that is, to abstain from using these things from dawn to dusk.
  2. Fasting is obligatory on every sane, mature and healthy Muslim.
  3. Fasting is not obligatory on non-Muslims, minors and insane people.
  4. The intention of fasting is obligatory. If one does not eat or drink from morning to evening without intention, then it is not fasting.
  5. It should be noted that it is not obligatory for a sick minor or a traveler to fast, but if he does, he will fast.
  6. It is not necessary to recite some words for the intention of fasting. Because intention is the intention of the heart. It is better to speak with the tongue.
  7. The following are the words for the intention of fasting: "وبصوم غدنویت من شھررمضان"
  8. But according to the critics, it has not been proved by any hadith narration.
  9. Eating or drinking something while fasting will break the fast if it is done with intention.
  10. Fasting will also be broken if water gets into the throat while rinsing or putting water in the nose.

Ramdan Karem Important 300 Issues Must Know For Every Muslim During Fasting

All of these Important Information about Ramdan fasting is very important for every Muslim this PDF is in URDU language.

Chemical Engineering Question Answers MCQS In PDF

Chemical Engineering Solved MCQs Online Quiz Test In PDF Book with Answers of Are Past paprs most repeated Questions With solutions. Learn online Chemical Engineering MCQ Questions With Solved Answers in PDF book for upcoming jobs tests.

Chemical Engineering MCQs
Chemical Engineering MCQs PDF Guide

These MCQs of Chemical Engineering are helpful for PPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, FPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC Competitive exams and others online solved exams Preparations.

Chemical Engineering PDF MCQs Guide

These Online MCQs are important and helpful for upcoming jobs tests learn these MCQs for Interviews exams tests preparations also. There are many jobs in Public Service commission and others in world wide for Chemical Engineering tests and exams are the part of interviews. These MCQs are important for learning ECAT Exams Preparations. Learn chemical engineering aptitude test questions PDF.

Chemistry Objective Type Past Papers MCQs With Answers

 If you are looking objective type multiple choice questions with solved answers of Chemistry you are here on right page. You can learn solved MCQs with answers of Chemistry questions answers for PPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, TCS, Competitive exams preparations online. All of these MCQs are important for upcoming jobs tests. These MCQs are helpful for exams tests in Chemistry subject.

Chemistry MCQs
Chemistry Question Answers MCQs In PDF

In PPSC exams mostly questions of Chemistry subject is repeated, Easy MCQs is providing PDF Chemistry most important MCQs with Solutions for upcoming tests or Interviews Preparations. In exams tests of Public Service Commission many times Chemistry subject is important for Engineering and Chemical related jobs.

Chemistry MCQ pdf For MDCAT Competitive Exams

MDCAT and Nursing exams related exams Chemistry is important subject and most helpful for upcoming exams tests. Learn online these important MCQs Questions Answers of Chemistry.

Easy MCQs provides most repeated and important notes in PDF for students and learners. All Pakistan Boards notes from 5th Class to 12th Class and other master level classes MCQs, Notes, Past Papers are also available.

Online MCQs Quiz System is also on this site for students and learners for upcoming jobs tests and Entry tests Preparations. There are many MCQs of different subjects related and most repeated MCQs are available for learners and test takers.