Must Know 300 important issues of Ramadan In English URDU

There are many important Things that are important for every Muslim to know During Ramzan or During Fasting in Ramdan Mubarkh. Some of important Issues are here for Know in English and other are here in PDF URDU book for URDU Readers.

Ramdan Karmem Fast

  1. The shar'i definition of fasting is to abstain from certain things. That is to eat and drink and have, that is, to abstain from using these things from dawn to dusk.
  2. Fasting is obligatory on every sane, mature and healthy Muslim.
  3. Fasting is not obligatory on non-Muslims, minors and insane people.
  4. The intention of fasting is obligatory. If one does not eat or drink from morning to evening without intention, then it is not fasting.
  5. It should be noted that it is not obligatory for a sick minor or a traveler to fast, but if he does, he will fast.
  6. It is not necessary to recite some words for the intention of fasting. Because intention is the intention of the heart. It is better to speak with the tongue.
  7. The following are the words for the intention of fasting: "وبصوم غدنویت من شھررمضان"
  8. But according to the critics, it has not been proved by any hadith narration.
  9. Eating or drinking something while fasting will break the fast if it is done with intention.
  10. Fasting will also be broken if water gets into the throat while rinsing or putting water in the nose.

Ramdan Karem Important 300 Issues Must Know For Every Muslim During Fasting

All of these Important Information about Ramdan fasting is very important for every Muslim this PDF is in URDU language.
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