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IB Physics Past Papers MCQs With Answers

Many of the exams are held by the Federal Public Service Commission in Pakistan. IB Test is important for Job in which Physics MCQs are helpful for the exams Preparations. Learn online easy Physics question answers here with Past Papers Question Answers of IB Tests.

Objective Type Question Answers Of Physics MCAT ECAT And IB Exams
IB MCAT ECAT Exams Tests Preparations MCQs

Solved Physics MCQs on Electrostatics with solution of all questions. Learn physics 9th class chapter 1 MCQs and 2nd year physics MCQs for MCAT and ECAT Exams also. Physics MCQs with answers for class 11th and Class 12th Questions Answers.

Physics MCQs Quiz Test For Entry Test Preparations

Solved MCQs Of Physics List With Solved Answers

Q.1: The radiations emitted form hydrogen filled discharge tube show----- ?

  1. band spectrum
  2. line spectrum
  3. continuous spectrum
  4. absorption spectrum


Q.2: The penetrating power of X-rays depends on their-------- ?

  1. applied voltage
  2. frequency
  3. source
  4. all of the above


Q.3: Quality of X-rays depends upon ------------ A-filament current B-accelerating voltage C-material of the target ?

  1. A & B
  2. B & C
  3. A & C
  4. A B & C


Q.4: X-rays are diffracted by a crystal but not by a diffraction grating because--------- ?

  1. The ions in a crystal are well arranged
  2. The lines in a diffraction grating cannot reflect X-rays.
  3. The penetration power of X-rays is high in a diffraction grating
  4. The wavelengths of X-rays are of the same order of magnitude as the separation between atoms in a crystal


Q.5: Electrons present in p-type material due to thermal pair generation are---------- ?

  1. majority carriers
  2. minority carriers
  3. dual carriers
  4. blockers


Q.6: The semiconductor diode can be used as a rectifier because ----------- ?

  1. It has low resistance to the current flow when forward biased & high resistance when reverse biased.
  2. It has low resistance to the current flow when forward biased.
  3. It has high resistance to the current flow when reverse biased
  4. Its conductivity increases with rise of temperature.


Q.7: In half-wave rectification the output voltages is obtained across the load for--------- ?

  1. The negative half cycle of A.C.
  2. The positive half cycle of A.C.
  3. The positive and negative half cycles
  4. Either positive or negative half of A.C.


Q.8: Dimension of pressure is----------- ?

  1. MLT
  2. ML-1T-1
  3. ML-1T-2
  4. ML-2T-2


Q.9: The working of transistor as amplifier is similar to--------- ?

  1. Step up transformer
  2. Step down transformer
  3. Three diodes in common
  4. Triode vacuum tube


Q.10: We prefer mercury as a thermometric substance because------- ?

  1. Over a wide range of temperature its expansion is uniform
  2. It does not stick to thermometer glass
  3. It opaque to light
  4. All of above


Q.11: The area enclosed by the curve ABCDA for a Carnot heat engine represents the work done by Carnot engine------- ?

  1. at any instant
  2. averagely
  3. during its operation
  4. during one cycle


Q.12: The work done in the isochoric process is------- ?

  1. constant
  2. variable
  3. zero
  4. depends on situation


Q.13: A voltage V = V0 cos ωt is applied across a resistor of resistance R the average power dissipated per cycle in the resistor is given by--------- ?

  1. V√/√2R
  2. V/√2√R
  3. V02/√2R
  4. 2/√2√R


Q.14: Which one is not correct for a vector A= 2i+2j+3k ?

  1. Has direction 45° with an x-axis
  2. Has magnitude 2
  3. Has magnitude 2 and direction °=45° with a y-axis
  4. Has magnitude -2


Q.15: If A=Ax i^ + Ay j^ + Az K^ B = Bx i^ + By j^ + Bz K^ then-------- ?

  1. B = Ax Bx + Ay By + Az Bz
  2. B = Ax By + Ay Bz + Az By
  3. B = Ay Bz + Az By + Az Bx
  4. B = Ax Bz + Ay By + Az Bx


Q.16: Which one is a unit vector ?

  1. ??3 i^ + ??3 j^ + ??3 k^
  2. 1/??3 i^ + 1/??3 j^ +1/ ??3 k^
  3. ??3 / 3 i^ + ??3 / 3 j^ + ??3 / 3 k^
  4. Both B and C are correct


Q.17: According to which one of following law the density of atom is uniform ?

  1. J.J.Thomson model
  2. Rutherfords model
  3. Bohrs model
  4. All of the above laws contradict the statement


Q.18: Radioactivity is a ------ (A) Spontaneous activity (B) Chemical property------ ?

  1. A & B
  2. B & C
  3. C & A
  4. A B & C


Q.19: The diameter of an atom is approximately------- ?

  1. 10-12m
  2. 10-11m
  3. 10-10m
  4. 10-14m


Q.20: Which of the following is not a correct representation method for prefixes------ ?

  1. 1mm
  2. 10km
  3. 1000um
  4. Both A and B



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