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FPSC Physics Lecturer Job Test Preparation

If you're looking to search Physics Solved Question answers that are related to Federal Public Service Commission JObs tests Preparation then here you are on right place. Physics Solved Question answers learn here objective type FPSC Exams Lecturer Job test learn here.

Objective Type Physics MCQs With Answers For Federal Public Service Commission Test
FPSC MCQs Physics Solutions & Question Answers

All types of Physics Important jobs related question answers with Physics MCQs Online Test Quiz Preparations here. Solved physics definitions pdf MCQs guide download for exams tests of NTS tests and PPSC also.

Physics FPSC Online Quiz Test Objective Type MCQs

Physics Question Answers Teaching Jobs MCQs Solved List

Q.1: Image of an object 5 mm high is only 1 cm high. Magnification produced by lens is--------- ?
  1. 0.5
  2. 0.2
  3. 1
  4. 2
Q.2: In hydrogen spectrum which one of the following series lies in the ultraviolet region ?
  1. Balmer series
  2. Pfund series
  3. Bracket series
  4. Lymann series
Q.3: Bracket series is obtained when all transition of electron terminate on--------- ?
  1. 4th orbit
  2. 5th orbit
  3. 3rd orbit
  4. 2nd orbit
Q.4: Radiation produced from TV picture tube is-------- ?
  1. B-rays
  2. X-rays
  3. Far infrared
  4. Infrared
Q.5: Which one of the following has the greatest energy gap ?
  1. insulator
  2. conductor
  3. semi conductor
  4. any of above
Q.6: The simplest type of rectification known as half wave rectification is obtained by--------- ?
  1. using a transistor
  2. suppressing the harmonics in A.C voltage
  3. suppressing half wave of A.C supply by using diode
  4. using a Coolidge tube
Q.7: An OP-AMPs can amplify------- ?
  1. D.C.
  2. A.C.
  3. Both A.
  4. & D.C.
  5. None of the above
Q.8: If the pressure of a given gas is held constant its density is inversely proportional to its absolute temperature. We can refer it as another statement of------- ?
  1. Boyles law
  2. Charles law
  3. Ideal gas law
  4. Avagadros law
Q.9: At what temperature is the Fahrenheit scale reading equal to twice that of the Celsius scale ?
  1. 460°C
  2. 280°C
  3. 360°C
  4. 160°C
Q.10: An OP-AMP comparator is a circuit that compares the signal voltage on one of its inputs with a -------- ?
  1. Non-inverting voltage at output
  2. Virtual input
  3. Output
  4. Reference voltage on the other
Q.11: The purpose of flywheel in the engines is------- ?
  1. to smooth out the energy variation
  2. to add more weight to engine to work it stable
  3. to start engine
  4. both A and B
Q.12: A vector can be multiplied by a number. The number may be----- ?
  1. Dimensionless
  2. Dimensional scalar
  3. Negative
  4. All A, B and C are correct
Q.13: A central force is that which-------- ?
  1. Can produce torque
  2. Cannot produce torque
  3. Some time can produce torque some time cannot
  4. Has no relation with torque
Q.14: An angle between two vectors A and B can be determined by-------- ?
  1. Their dot product
  2. Their cross product
  3. Head to tail rule
  4. Right-hand rule
Q.15: Antimatter consists of -------- ?
  1. Antiproton
  2. Antineutron
  3. Positron
  4. All of above
Q.16: Which one of the following radiations possesses maximum velocity ?
  1. α-rays
  2. β-rays
  3. γ-rays
  4. All of above have the same speed
Q.17: Which one of following postulate is in accordance with the Rutherfords model ?
  1. continuous spectra for atoms
  2. discrete spectra for atoms
  3. either continuous nor discrete
  4. no spectrum
Q.18: UV radiation can be produced by-------- ?
  1. Heating the filament
  2. Electron excitation in the gas
  3. Ionization of atoms
  4. All the above
Q.19: Semi-conductor germanium and silicon are--------- ?
  1. pentavalent
  2. trivalent
  3. divalent
  4. tetravalent
Q.20: Depletion region of a junction is formed------ ?
  1. during the manufacturing process
  2. under forward bias
  3. under reverse bias
  4. when temperature varies


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