Inspector Legal PPSC Latest Jobs in Police Department Solved MCQs Quiz Test

If you have applied in PPSC Inspector Legal Latest Job and you want to learn and study best and easy entry test for upcoming jobs preparations. You are here on right website, on this website you will easily learn solved objective type MCQs online quiz Tests for upcoming exams preparations. All of these MCQs are helpful for upcoming exams and tests of PPSC tests.

Inspector Legal MCQs Quiz Test
PPSC Inspector Legal MCQs Quiz Test

These MCQs are easily to learn for preparations of PPSC, Public Service Commission tests & interviews. All of Jobs Tests and interviews MCQs are here for upcoming exams jobs tests.

Q.1: After Shariat Ullah who made the Faraizi Movement strong and popular?
  1. Haji Shariat Ullah
  2. Dadhu
  3. Ahmad Nawaz
  4. Bakhtawar Raza
Q.2: --------- is well-known for his administrative skill especially his Land revenue system?
  1. Sher Shah
  2. Shariat Ullah
  3. Jamil Murtaza
  4. None of These
Q.3: The most famous court ------- (in Hindi literature) of Akbar was Abdur-Rahim Khan-i-Khanan?
  1. Writer
  2. Poet
  3. Singer
  4. None of These
Q.4: Mian Nadir Shah invaded -------- during the reign of Muhammed Shah?
  1. India
  2. Pakistan
  3. China
  4. Nepal
Q.5: The Mughal emperor who died to sudden fall from the staircase was -------?
  1. Answer1
  2. Answer2
  3. Humayun
  4. Answer4
Q.6: Who was the founder of Faraizi Movement?
  1. Ali Raza Kasim
  2. Murtaza Wahab
  3. Haji Shariat Ullah
  4. Sikandar Moen
Q.7: Who was the ruler of medieval India who is credited with the building of the Grand Trunk Road?
  1. Ali Raza Abdi
  2. Sher Shah Suri
  3. Noor Alam
  4. Jamil Hussain
Q.8: Din-e-llahi founded by Akbar in ----- ?
  1. 1282
  2. 1522
  3. 1112
  4. 1582
Q.9: Who as the Afghan ruler of India whose administrative system was emulated by the British?
  1. Sikandar Ali
  2. Khan Raza
  3. Jamil Shah
  4. Sher Shah
Q.10: East India Company established in ------?
  1. 1134
  2. 1377
  3. 1200
  4. 1600
Q.11: The tomb of Babar is at Kabul The first census was conducted in India at the time of Lord Mayo When was the monopoly of -----?
  1. West India
  2. North India
  3. East India
  4. None of These
Q.12: The most famous ------- at the court of Akbar was Tansen. His original name was Ramtanu Pande?
  1. Poet
  2. Musician
  3. Singer
  4. None of These
Q.13: Company in trade brought under the control of the British Crown?
  1. 1273 A.D.
  2. 1333 A.D.
  3. 1773 A.D.
  4. 2773 A.D.
Q.14: Englishman who was honoured by Jahangir with the title of Khan?
  1. MacHik
  2. William Hawkins
  3. Eline Gorge
  4. None of These
Q.15: The battle of Dharmat was fought between -------- and Dara Shikoh?
  1. Yoaqoob Raza
  2. Sikandar Mirza
  3. Harron Rashed
  4. Aurangzeb
Q.16: -------- was introduced for cultivation during the reign of Jahangir?
  1. Electric Boat
  2. Tobacco
  3. Motor Car
  4. Airoplan
Q.17: British defeated Tippu Sultan in ------?
  1. 1729
  2. 1649
  3. 1799
  4. 1169
Q.18: Law of gravity is given by Isaac ------- ?
  1. Gorge Mac
  2. Newton
  3. Ainstain
  4. Elon Mask
Q.19: Which was the first Mughal emperor to allow Britishers to establish trade links with India ?
  1. Jahangir
  2. Noor Alam
  3. Harron Rashed
  4. Khwaja Gulam
Q.20: When Shah Wali Ullah was born?
  1. 1470
  2. 1703
  3. 1702
  4. 1610
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