Top 100 Most Repeated Letter WXYZ Words For Competitive Exams

 If you are looking English Words With Complete Meanings In URDU and English then you are here on right web page. All of these English Letter Words with meanings are here for PPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, FPSC, KPPSC, BPSC and other most important words with meanings of Letter W, X, Y and Z are here.

English Difficult Words Meanings
English Words Meanings of Letter WXYZ

English Difficult Words Letter WXYZ Meanings In URDU

Sr. Words URDU Meanings English Meanings
1 Wade چلنا جیسے پانی پر Walk Through Relatively Shallow Water
2 Waffle توے پر پکایا ہوا خستہ Pancake Batter Baked In An Iron
3 Waft ہلکے سے مارنا Be Driven Or Carried Along, As By The Air
4 Waggish مسخرے پن کا Witty Or Joking
5 Waif لاوارث مال A Homeless Child Especially One Forsaken Or Orphaned
6 Wail واویلا کرنا A Cry Of Sorrow And Grief
7 Waive چھوڑنا Do Without Or Cease To Hold Or Adhere To
8 Waiver دست کشی A Formal Written Statement Of Relinquishment
9 Wallow کیچڑ میں Devote Oneself Entirely To Something
10 Wan بے رونق بیمار ہونا Lacking Vitality As From Weariness Or Illness Or Unhappiness
11 Wanderlust آوارہ گردی Very Strong Or Irresistible Impulse To Travel
12 Wane گھٹنا A Gradual Decline (In Size Or Strength Or Power Or Number)
13 Wangle جعل کرنا Accomplishing Something By Scheming Or Trickery
14 Wanton بدکار Spend Wastefully
15 Warble لرزاں آواز میں گانا Sing Or Play With Trills
16 Wardrobe الماری Collection Of Clothing Belonging To One Person
17 Warrant اختیار نامہ Show To Be Reasonable Or Provide Adequate Ground For
18 Warranty یقین دہانی Written Assurance That A Product Or Service Will Be Provided
19 Warren خرگوش باڑہ A Series Of Underground Tunnels Occupied By Rabbits
20 Wary ہوشیار Openly Distrustful And Unwilling To Confide
21 Watershed سنگ میل The Geographical Area Drained By A River And Its Tributaries
22 Waver ڈگمگانے والا Be Unsure Or Weak
23 Wax موم Increase, Rise, Or Advance
24 Waylay گھات لگا کر بیٹھنا Wait In Hiding To Attack
25 Wayward صحیح راستے سے ہٹا ہوا Resistant To Guidance Or Discipline
26 Wean دودھ چھڑانا Gradually Deprive Of Mother's Milk
27 Weary تھکا ہوا Physically And Mentally Fatigued
28 Welfare بہبود Governmental Provision Of Assistance To Persons In Need
29 Welter گڈ مڈ A Confused Multitude Of Things
30 Wend رستہ بدلنا Direct One's Course Or Way
31 Wharf گھاٹ A Platform From The Shore That Provides Access To Ships
32 Wheedle میٹھی باتیں کرکے راضی کرلینا Influence Or Urge By Gentle Urging, Caressing, Or Flattering
33 Whelp پیدائش Young Of Any Of Various Canines Such As A Dog Or Wolf
34 Whet تیز کرنا Make Keen Or More Acute
35 Whiff ہوا کا جھونکا Perceive By Inhaling Through The Nose
36 Whim خواہش A Sudden Desire
37 Whimsical من کی خواہش پر Determined By Chance Or Impulse Rather Than By Necessity
38 Whit ذرہ A Tiny Or Scarcely Detectable Amount
39 Whittle تراشنا لکڑی وغیرہ چھیلنا Cut Small Bits Or Pare Shavings From
40 Wholly مکمل طور پر To The Full Or Entire Extent
41 Whorl بھورا A Round Shape Formed By A Series Of Concentric Circles
42 Widespread وسیع پیمانے پر Distributed Over A Large Area Or Extent
43 Wield بروئے کار لانا Handle Effectively
44 Willful مرضی سے Done By Design
45 Wily چالاک Marked By Skill In Deception
46 Wince چہرے سے درد کا اظہار The Facial Expression Of Sudden Pain
47 Windfall درخت سے گرا ہوا پھل A Sudden Happening That Brings Good Fortune
48 Winnow اناج وغیرہ چننے کا عمل The Act Of Separating Grain From Chaff
49 Winsome جیتنے والا Charming In A Childlike Or Naive Way
50 Wispy دھویں سا Thin And Weak
51 Wistful ہوشیار Showing Pensive Sadness
52 Wistfully ہوشیاری سے In A Pensively Sad Manner
53 Wit عقل Verbal Skill That Has The Power To Evoke Laughter
54 Withdraw واپس لینا Remove (A Commodity) From (A Supply Source)
55 Withdrawal واپسی The Act Of Ceasing To Participate In An Activity
56 Withdrawn واپس لے لیا Tending To Be Reserved, Quiet, Or Introspective
57 Wither مرجھا جانا Shrink, As With A Loss Of Moisture
58 Withered مرجھا گیا Lean And Wrinkled By Shrinkage As From Age Or Illness
59 Withhold روکنا Retain And Refrain From Disbursing, Of Payments
60 Withstand برداشت کرنا Resist Or Confront With Resistance
61 Witless بے عقل Lacking Sense Or Understanding Or Judgment
62 Witticism وجدانیت A Message Whose Ingenuity Has The Power To Evoke Laughter
63 Witty خوش پوش Demonstrating Striking Cleverness And Humor
64 Wizardry جادوگری Exceptional Creative Ability
65 Wizened وزنڈ Lean And Wrinkled By Shrinkage As From Age Or Illness
66 Woe وائے Misery Resulting From Affliction
67 Wondrous حیرت انگیز Extraordinarily Good Or Great
68 Wont نہیں An Established Custom
69 Worldly دنیاوی Characteristic Of Secularity Rather Than Spirituality
70 Wraith انسان کا ہمزاد A Ghostly Figure, Especially One Seen Shortly Before Death
71 Wrangle جھگڑا Quarrel Noisily, Angrily, Or Disruptively
72 Wrath غصہ Intense Anger
73 Wreak تباہی Cause To Happen Or To Occur As A Consequence
74 Wrench رنچ A Hand Tool That Is Used To Hold Or Twist A Nut Or Bolt
75 Wrest کشتی Obtain By Seizing Forcibly Or Violently, Also Metaphorically
76 Wretched بدحواس Deserving Or Inciting Pity
77 Wring مروڑ Twist, Squeeze, Or Compress In Order To Extract Liquid
78 Writ تحریر A Legal Document Issued By A Court Or Judicial Officer
79 Writhe لکھنا Move In A Twisting Or Contorted Motion
80 Wrought ساختہ Shaped To Fit By Altering The Contours Of A Pliable Mass
81 Wry خم دار, پیچ دار Humorously Sarcastic Or Mocking
82 Xenophobia غیر ملکیوں سے نفرت کرنے والا A Fear Of Foreigners Or Strangers
83 Yahoo انٹرنیٹ کی دنیا میں استعمال ہونے والا سرچ انجن A Person Who Is Not Intelligent Or Interested In Culture
84 Yearn تڑپنا Desire Strongly Or Persistently
85 Yearning تڑپ Prolonged Unfulfilled Desire Or Need
86 Yelp تیز اور باریک آواز میں چلانا A Sharp High-Pitched Cry
87 Yen ایک جاپانی سکہ The Basic Unit Of Money In Japan
88 Yeoman بروقت مدد کریں A Free Man Who Cultivates His Own Land
89 Yield پیداوار Give Or Supply
90 Yoke جوا Become Joined Or Linked Together
91 Yokel گنوار A Person Who Is Not Intelligent Or Interested In Culture
92 Yonder ادھر Distant But Within Sight
93 Yore پرانا زمانہ Time Long Past
94 Zany احمق Ludicrous Or Foolish
95 Zeal جوش A Feeling Of Strong Eagerness
96 Zealot شدت پسند A Fervent And Even Militant Proponent Of Something
97 Zealous غیرت مند Marked By Active Interest And Enthusiasm
98 Zenith عروج, اوج کمال The Highest Point Of Something
99 Zephyr آہستہ ہوا A Slight Wind
100 Zest ذوق و شوق Vigorous And Enthusiastic Enjoyment

Top 100 Most Repeated Letter V Words For Competitive Exams

 If you want to learn online English most difficult words with complete meanings in URDU and English with Letter V for competitive exams tests and exams preparations you are here on right website. On this page you will learn Letter V English and with Meanings.

English Word Meanings
English Letter Word V With Meanings In URDU

English Difficult Word Letter V With Complete Meanings In URDU and English

Sr. Words URDU Meanings English Meanings
1 Vacate خالی کرنا Leave Voluntarily, As A Job Or Position
2 Vacillate بے چین ہونا Be Undecided About Something
3 Vacuous خالی Devoid Of Intelligence
4 Vagary بدگمانی۔ An Unexpected And Inexplicable Change In Something
5 Vagrant آوارہ A Wanderer With No Established Residence Or Means Of Support
6 Vague مبہم Lacking Clarity Or Distinctness
7 Vain بیکار Unproductive Of Success
8 Vainglorious بے ہودہ Feeling Self-Importance
9 Valedictory رخصتی Of Or Relating To An Occasion Or Expression Of Farewell
10 Valiant بہادر Having Or Showing Heroism Or Courage
11 Valid درست Well-Grounded In Logic Or Truth Or Having Legal Force
12 Validate توثیق کریں۔ Show Or Confirm The Effectiveness Or Worthiness Of Something
13 Valor بہادری Courage When Facing Danger
14 Vanguard موہرا A Creative Group Active In The Innovation Of New Concepts
15 Vanity باطل The Trait Of Being Unduly Conceited
16 Vanquish فتح کرنا Defeat In A Competition, Race, Or Conflict
17 Vantage برتری Place Or Situation Affording Some Benefit
18 Vapid بے ذائقہ Lacking Significance Or Liveliness Or Spirit Or Zest
19 Variable متغیر A Quantity That Can Assume Any Of A Set Of Values
20 Variegated متنوع Having An Assortment Of Colors
21 Varying مختلف Marked By Diversity Or Difference
22 Vassal خدمت گزار وفادار A Person Who Owes Allegiance And Service To A Feudal Lord
23 Vast سب سے بڑا  وسیع Unusually Great In Size Or Amount Or Extent Or Scope
24 Vault قبہ A Strongroom Or Compartment For Safekeeping Of Valuables
25 Vaunt شیخی بگھارنا Show Off
26 Veer تیزی سے مڑنا Turn Sharply; Change Direction Abruptly
27 Vegetate سبزی Engage In Passive Relaxation
28 Vehement شدید Marked By Extreme Intensity Of Emotions Or Convictions
29 Velocity رفتار Distance Traveled Per Unit Time In One Direction
30 Venal بد دیانت Capable Of Being Corrupted
31 Vendetta انتقام A Blood Feud Between Members Of Opposing Parties
32 Vendor فروش Someone Who Exchanges Goods Or Services For Money
33 Veneer دھات کا پتر چڑھانا Coating Consisting Of A Thin Layer Of Wood
34 Venerable قابل احترام Profoundly Honored
35 Venerate تعظیم کرنا Regard With Feelings Of Respect And Reverence
36 Venturesome مہم جوئی Disposed To Take Risks
37 Venue مقام The Scene Of Any Event Or Action
38 Veracity سچائی Unwillingness To Tell Lies
39 Verbal زبانی Of Or Relating To Or Formed From Words In General
40 Verbatim لفظ بہ لفظ Using Exactly The Same Words
41 Verbiage زبانی Overabundance Of Words
42 Verbose لفظی Using Or Containing Too Many Words
43 Verdant سبزہ Characterized By Abundance Of Vegetation And Green Foliage
44 Verify تصدیق کریں Confirm The Truth Of
45 Verisimilitude حقیقت پسندی The Appearance Of Truth; The Quality Of Seeming To Be True
46 Veritable قابل اعتبار Not Counterfeit Or Copied
47 Verity حقیقت An Enduring Or Necessary Ethical Or Aesthetic Truth
48 Vernacular زبانی Characteristic Of Or Appropriate To Everyday Language
49 Vernal بہار کا وقت Suggestive Of Youth; Vigorous And Fresh
50 Versatile کئی طرح کی Competent In Many Areas And Able To Adapt With Ease
51 Vertex نقطہ عروج The Point Of Intersection Of Lines
52 Vertigo چکر A Reeling Sensation; A Feeling That You Are About To Fall
53 Verve جوش, زور An Energetic Style
54 Vestige زیر اثر An Indication That Something Has Been Present
55 Veteran تجربہ کار A Person Who Has Served In The Armed Forces
56 Veto رد کرنا A Vote That Blocks A Decision
57 Vex پریشان کرنا Disturb The Peace Of Mind Of
58 Vexation غصہ Anger Produced By Some Annoying Irritation
59 Viable قابل عمل Capable Of Being Done With Means At Hand
60 Vibrant متحرک Vigorous And Animated
61 Vicarious بدحواسی Experienced At Secondhand
62 Vice نائب Moral Weakness
63 Vicinity قرب و جوار A Surrounding Or Nearby Region
64 Vicissitude چکر A Variation In Circumstances Or Fortune
65 Victor فاتح The Contestant Who Wins The Contest
66 Vie دیکھیں Compete For Something
67 Vigilant چوکس Carefully Observant Or Attentive
68 Vignette مختصر بیان A Small Illustrative Sketch
69 Vigorous بھرپور Characterized By Forceful And Energetic Action Or Activity
70 Vile متلی میں مبتلا کرنے والی Morally Reprehensible
71 Vilify گالی دینا Spread Negative Information About
72 Villain المناک The Principal Bad Character In A Film Or Work Of Fiction
73 Vindicate ثابت کرنا Clear Of Accusation, Blame, Or Doubt With Supporting Proof
74 Vindictive انتقامی Showing Malicious Ill Will And A Desire To Hurt
75 Vintage انگور توڑنا The Oldness Of Wines
76 Virtual مجازی Being Actually Such In Almost Every Respect
77 Virtue فضیلت Any Admirable Quality Or Attribute
78 Virtuoso انتہائی ماہر Someone Who Is Dazzlingly Skilled In Any Field
79 Virulent وائرل Extremely Poisonous Or Injurious; Producing Venom
80 Visage صورت The Human Face
81 Viscera پیٹ کے اعضا Internal Organs Collectively
82 Visceral ضعف Coming From Deep Inward Feelings Rather Than From Reasoning
83 Viscid گوند دار چپکنے والا Having The Sticky Properties Of An Adhesive
84 Vital اہم Performing An Essential Function In The Living Body
85 Vitality ذوق جوش ولولہ The Property Of Being Able To Survive And Grow
86 Vitiate خراب کرنا Corrupt Morally Or By Intemperance Or Sensuality
87 Vitreous کانچ Relating To Or Resembling Or Derived From Glass
88 Vitriolic پُرجوش Harsh, Bitter, Or Malicious In Tone
89 Vituperative بدتمیزی کرنے والا Marked By Harshly Abusive Criticism
90 Vivacious متحرک Vigorous And Animated
91 Vivid روشن Evoking Lifelike Images Within The Mind
92 Vocation پیشہ The Particular Occupation For Which You Are Trained
93 Vociferous آواز دینے والا Conspicuously And Offensively Loud
94 Void باطل An Empty Area Or Space
95 Volatile غیر مستحکم Liable To Lead To Sudden Change Or Violence
96 Voluble نہایت تیزی Marked By A Ready Flow Of Speech
97 Voluminous بڑا Large In Number Or Quantity
98 Voracious پیٹ بھرا Devouring Or Craving Food In Great Quantities
99 Vortex بھنور A Powerful Circular Current Of Water
100 Vulnerable کمزور Capable Of Being Wounded Or Hurt

Top 100 Most Repeated Letter U Words For Competitive Exams

 If you are looking English most difficult words with meanings in URDU and English you are here on right place. On this site you will learn English most important words with complete meanings Letter U for preparations of English educators jobs tests or any other PPSC, CSS, PMS competitive exams Preparations.

English Words Meanings
English Difficult Words Meanings Letter U

English Difficult Letter U Words Meanings In URDU and English

Sr. Words URDU Meanings English Meanings
1 Ubiquitous ہر جگہ موجود Being Present Everywhere At Once
2 Ulterior دور کا حرکت دینےوالا Lying Beyond What Is Openly Revealed Or Avowed
3 Ultimatum آخری انتباہ A Final Peremptory Demand
4 Umbrage جارحیت ناراضگی A Feeling Of Anger Caused By Being Offended
5 Unabashed بے باک Not Embarrassed
6 Unalterable ناقابل تغیر Not Capable Of Being Changed
7 Unambiguous غیر مبہم Having Or Exhibiting A Single Clearly Defined Meaning
8 Unanimous متفقہ In Complete Agreement
9 Unappreciated ناقابل تعریف Having Value That Is Not Acknowledged
10 Unapproachable انوکھا; اچھوت Reserved And Discouraging Intimacies
11 Unassailable ناقابل تسخیر Impossible To Attack
12 Unassuming بے نیاز Not Arrogant
13 Unattainable ناقابل حصول Impossible To Achieve
14 Unbiased غیر جانبدارانہ Without Prejudice
15 Unbridled بے لگام Not Restrained Or Controlled
16 Uncanny انوکھا Surpassing The Ordinary Or Normal
17 Uncharted بے ترتیب Not Yet Surveyed Or Investigated
18 Uncommunicative غیر مواصلاتی Not Inclined To Talk Or Give Information Or Express Opinions
19 Unconditional غیر مشروط Not Subject To Any Restrictions Or Limitations
20 Unconscionable بے حس Greatly Exceeding Bounds Of Reason Or Moderation
21 Unconscious بے ہوش Lacking Awareness And The Capacity For Sensory Perception
22 Unconventional غیر روایتی Not Conforming To Standards
23 Uncouth بے ہودہ Lacking Refinement Or Cultivation Or Taste
24 Unction پاک روغن کی مالش Anointing As Part Of A Religious Ceremony Or Healing Ritual
25 Unctuous بے ہودہ Unpleasantly And Excessively Suave Or Ingratiating
26 Undaunted بے باک Resolutely Courageous
27 Undermine کمزور کرنا Weaken Or Impair, Especially Gradually
28 Underscore خط کشیدہ کرنا Give Extra Weight To
29 Undulate لہریں لینا Move In A Wavy Pattern Or With A Rising And Falling Motion
30 Unencumbered بے بوجھ Not Burdened With Cares Or Responsibilities
31 Unequivocal غیر واضح Admitting Of No Doubt Or Misunderstanding
32 Unexceptionable ناقابل استثنیٰ Completely Acceptable; Not Open To Reproach
33 Unfaltering غیر متزلزل Marked By Firm Determination Or Resolution; Not Shakable
34 Unfathomable ناقابل فہم Resembling An Abyss In Depth; So Deep As To Be Immeasurable
35 Unfettered بے لگام Not Bound Or Restrained, As By Shackles And Chains
36 Unfledged غیر متزلزل Young And Inexperienced
37 Unfounded بے بنیاد Without A Basis In Reason Or Fact
38 Ungainly بدتمیزی سے Lacking Grace In Movement Or Posture
39 Unguent ناگوار Preparation Applied Externally As A Remedy Or For Soothing
40 Unilateral یکطرفہ Involving Only One Part Or Side
41 Unimpeachable ناقابل برداشت Beyond Doubt Or Reproach
42 Uninhibited بے روک ٹوک Not Restrained
43 Unison ہم آہنگی The Act Of Occurring Together Or Simultaneously
44 Unity اتحاد An Undivided Or Unbroken Completeness With Nothing Wanting
45 Universal عالمگیر Applicable To Or Common To All Members Of A Group Or Set
46 Unjust ناانصافی Not Fair; Marked By Injustice Or Partiality Or Deception
47 Unjustified بلاجواز Lacking Authorization
48 Unkempt ناکارہ Not Properly Maintained Or Cared For
49 Unlicensed بغیر لائسنس کے Lacking Official Approval
50 Unmitigated قطعی Not Diminished Or Moderated In Intensity Or Severity
51 Unobtainable ناقابل حصول Not Capable Of Being Acquired
52 Unobtrusive غیر متزلزل Not Undesirably Noticeable
53 Unorthodox غیر روایتی Breaking With Tradition Or Typical Norms
54 Unpack پیک کھولیں Remove From Protective Material
55 Unparalleled بے مثال Radically Distinctive And Without Equal
56 Unprecedented بے مثال Novel; Having No Earlier Occurrence
57 Unprepossessing ناقابل تسخیر Creating An Unfavorable Or Neutral First Impression
58 Unpretentious بے تکلف Not Behaving In An Artificial Way To Impress Others; Natural
59 Unprincipled بے اصول Lacking Moral Scruples
60 Unravel کھولنا Become Undone
61 Unregulated بے ضابطہ Not Subject To Rule Or Discipline
62 Unrelenting بے لگام Never-Ceasing
63 Unremitting کم نہ ہونے والا Uninterrupted In Time And Indefinitely Long Continuing
64 Unrequited بلاجواز Not Returned In Kind
65 Unresponsive غیر جوابدہ Not Reacting To Some Influence Or Stimulus
66 Unrestrained بے قابُو ، غَیر محدُود Marked By Uncontrolled Excitement Or Emotion
67 Unruly بے قاعدہ Noisy And Lacking In Restraint Or Discipline
68 Unsavory بے ذائقہ Morally Offensive
69 Unscathed غیر محفوظ Not Injured
70 Unscheduled غیر طے شدہ Not Planned Or On A Regular Timetable
71 Unseemly نامعقول Not In Keeping With Accepted Standards Of What Is Proper
72 Unsightly بدصورت Unpleasant To Look At
73 Unspecified غیر متعینہ Not Stated Explicitly Or In Detail
74 Unstable غیر مستحکم Highly Or Violently Reactive
75 Unsullied غیر محفوظ Free From Blemishes
76 Untenable ناقابل برداشت Incapable Of Being Defended Or Justified
77 Untoward ناگوار Not In Keeping With Accepted Standards Of What Is Proper
78 Unveil نقاب کشائی Make Visible
79 Unwarranted بلا جواز Without A Basis In Reason Or Fact
80 Unwavering غیر متزلزل Marked By Firm Determination Or Resolution
81 Unwieldy بے اختیار Lacking Grace In Movement Or Posture
82 Unwitting نادانستہ Not Aware Or Knowing
83 Unwonted غیر مطلوبہ Out Of The Ordinary
84 Unyielding غیرمتزلزل Resistant To Physical Force Or Pressure
85 Upbraid برا بھلا کہنا ملامت کرنا Express Criticism Towards
86 Upbringing پرورش Helping Someone Grow Up To Be A Member Of The Community
87 Upheaval ہلچل Disturbance Usually In Protest
88 Uphold برقرار رکھنا Stand Up For; Stick Up For; Of Causes, Principles, Or Ideals
89 Uproarious ہنگامہ خیز Uncontrollably Noisy
90 Upshot آخری نتیجہ A Phenomenon That Is Caused By Some Previous Phenomenon
91 Urban شہری Located In Or Characteristic Of A City Or City Life
92 Urbane خوش خلق Showing A High Degree Of Refinement
93 Urchin عوامی بچہ بازاری بچہ A Poor And Often Mischievous City Child
94 Usurp غصب کرنا Seize And Take Control Without Authority
95 Usury سود The Act Of Lending Money At An Exorbitant Rate Of Interest
96 Utilitarian افادیت پسند Valuing Or Chosen For Usefulness Above All Else
97 Utility سہولت فائدہ مندی The Quality Of Being Of Practical Use
98 Utopian مثالی ریاست Characterized By Or Aspiring To Impracticable Perfection
99 Utter بالکل Express In Speech
100 Uxorious بے ہودہ Foolishly Fond Of Or Submissive To Your Wife

Top 100 Most Repeated Letter T Words For Competitive Exams

English Letter T Top 100 Most Difficult Words with complete meanings in URDU and English are here for your exams and competitive Exams preparations learn here. All A to Z English words and meanings in English and URDU are here for your upcoming exams and tests Preparations here. online preparations of English and English Grammar all MCQs solutions on our site.

English Difficult Words Meanings

English Top 100 Difficult Words Meanings in URDU and English

Sr. Words URDU Meanings English Meanings
1 Tacit خاموشی Implied By Or Inferred From Actions Or Statements
2 Taciturn الگ تھلگ ۔ تنہا Habitually Reserved And Uncommunicative
3 Tactful تدبیر والا Having A Sense Of What Is Considerate In Dealing With Others
4 Tactile چھونے کی حس سے متعلق Of Or Relating To Or Proceeding From The Sense Of Touch
5 Taint داغدار Contaminate With A Disease Or Microorganism
6 Talisman طلسم A Trinket Thought To Be A Magical Protection Against Evil
7 Tangential سطح کو ایک نقطہ پر چھونے والا Of Superficial Relevance If Any
8 Tangible ٹھوس Perceptible By The Senses, Especially The Sense Of Touch
9 Tantalizing ترسانے کی خصوصیت رکھنے والا Arousing Desire Or Expectation For Something Unattainable
10 Tantamount یکساں Being Essentially Equal To Something
11 Taper آہستہ Diminish Gradually
12 Tariff ڈیوٹی حکومتی ٹیکس A Government Tax On Imports Or Exports
13 Taunt طنز Harass With Persistent Criticism Or Carping
14 Taut بے چین Pulled Or Drawn Tight
15 Tautological غیر ضروری طور پر دہرانا Characterized By Unnecessary Repetition
16 Tawdry بے ڈھنگا Tastelessly Showy
17 Tedious تھکا دینے والا So Lacking In Interest As To Cause Mental Weariness
18 Temerity تندرستی Fearless Daring
19 Temperament مزاج Your Usual Mood
20 Temporal وقتی Of This Earth Or World
21 Temporize عارضی کرنا Draw Out A Discussion Or Process In Order To Gain Time
22 Tenable قابل عمل Based On Sound Reasoning Or Evidence
23 Tenacity استقامت Persistent Determination
24 Tenet اصول A Religious Doctrine Proclaimed As True Without Proof
25 Tentative عارضی Hesitant Or Lacking Confidence; Unsettled In Mind Or Opinion
26 Tenuous کمزور Lacking Substance Or Significance
27 Tenure دور The Term During Which Some Position Is Held
28 Terminal سب سے اعلی سند Station Where Vehicles Load Or Unload Passengers Or Goods
29 Termination ختم کرنا The Act Of Ending Something
30 Terminology اصطلاحات A System Of Words Used To Name Things In A Discipline
31 Terrain خطہ A Piece Of Ground Having Specific Characteristics
32 Terrestrial زمینی جسموں Operating Or Living Or Growing On Land
33 Territory علاقہ A Region Marked Off For Administrative Or Other Purposes
34 Terse مختصر Brief And To The Point
35 Tertiary تیسرے درجے کا Coming Third In Position
36 Tessellated چوپڑ کا فرش Decorated With Small Pieces Of Colored Glass Or Stone
37 Theocracy مذہبی حکومت A Political Unit Governed By A Deity
38 Theology دینیات The Rational And Systematic Study Of Religion
39 Thermal حرارت والا Relating To Or Associated With Heat
40 Thespian اداکار Of Or Relating To Drama
41 Threshold حد The Entrance For Passing Through A Room Or Building
42 Thrifty کنجوس. کفایت شعار Mindful Of The Future In Spending Money
43 Thrive پروان چڑھنا Grow Vigorously
44 Throes شدید درد Violent Pangs Of Suffering
45 Throng بھیڑ A Large Gathering Of People
46 Throttle گلا گھونٹنا A Valve That Regulates The Supply Of Fuel To The Engine
47 Thrust زور Push Forcefully
48 Thwart ناکام کرنا Hinder Or Prevent, As An Effort, Plan, Or Desire
49 Tirade دھواں دھار تقریر A Speech Of Violent Denunciation
50 Toady خوشامدی چاپلوس A Person Who Tries To Please Someone To Gain An Advantage
51 Toil محنت کرنا Work Hard
52 Token علامت A Disk That Can Be Used In Designated Slot Machines
53 Tome مجھکو A Large And Scholarly Book
54 Topography نقشہ سازی The Configuration Of A Surface And Its Features
55 Torpid سست کاہل Slow And Apathetic
56 Torpor سستی بے حسی Inactivity Resulting From Lethargy And Lack Of Energy
57 Torque قوت مروڑ A Twisting Force
58 Torrential طوفانی Relating To Or Resulting From The Action Of A Downpour
59 Torrid انتہائی گرم Extremely Hot
60 Torso مجسمے کا دھڑ The Body Excluding The Head And Neck And Limbs
61 Totalitarian ہمہ گیر Of A System In Which The State Regulates Every Realm Of Life
62 Tout مخبری کرنا Advertise In Strongly Positive Terms
63 Tract نالی An Extended Area Of Land
64 Tractable قابلِ علاج Easily Managed
65 Traduce بدنام کرنا Speak Unfavorably About
66 Trajectory رفتار The Path Followed By An Object Moving Through Space
67 Tranquility سکون A State Of Peace And Quiet
68 Transcendental برتری Existing Outside Of Or Not In Accordance With Nature
69 Transcribe نقل کریں Write Out, As From Speech Or Notes
70 Transfixed منتقلی Having Your Attention Held As Though By A Spell
71 Transgression تجاوز کرنا The Violation Of A Law Or A Duty Or Moral Principle
72 Transient عارضی Lasting A Very Short Time
73 Transitory عبوری Lasting A Very Short Time
74 Translucent صاف شفاف Allowing Light To Pass Through Diffusely
75 Transparent واضح, صاف شفاف Able To Be Seen Through With Clarity
76 Transpire انکشاف ہونا Come About, Happen, Or Occur
77 Travail عالم زچگی بچے کی ولادت کے دوران عورت کی حالت Use Of Physical Or Mental Energy; Hard Work
78 Traverse عبور کرنا Travel Across
79 Travesty توڑ موڑ دینا A Composition That Imitates Or Misrepresents A Style
80 Treachery خیانت An Act Of Deliberate Betrayal
81 Tread چلنا A Step In Walking Or Running
82 Treason غداری An Act Of Deliberate Betrayal
83 Treatise مقالہ A Formal Text That Treats A Particular Topic Systematically
84 Trek بیل گاڑی میں سفر کرنا Journey On Foot, Especially In The Mountains
85 Tremulous کانپتا ہوا Quivering As From Weakness Or Fear
86 Trenchant پر جوش Having Keenness And Forcefulness And Penetration In Thought
87 Trepidation گھبراہٹ A Feeling Of Alarm Or Dread
88 Tribulation فتنہ An Annoying Or Frustrating Or Catastrophic Event
89 Tribunal خصوصي عدالت An Assembly To Conduct Judicial Business
90 Trifling چھوٹی چھوٹی Not Worth Considering
91 Trilogy مثلثیات A Set Of Three Literary Or Dramatic Works Related In Subject
92 Triumvirate روما کی حکمران مجلس ثلاثہ A Group Of Three People Responsible For Civil Authority
93 Troglodyte تنہائی پسند A Primitive Person Who Lived In A Cave
94 Truculent وحشی Defiantly Aggressive
95 Truism گھسی پٹی بات An Obvious Statement Of Fact
96 Truncate تراشنا Make Shorter As If By Cutting Off
97 Tumult ہنگامہ A State Of Commotion And Noise And Confusion
98 Turpitude کمینگی A Corrupt Or Depraved Or Degenerate Act Or Practice
99 Tutelage حفاظت Teaching Pupils Individually
100 Tyranny ظلم Dominance Through Threat Of Punishment And Violence

Top 100 Most Repeated Letter S Words For Competitive Exams

Learn Most difficult English words with meanings in URDU and English with Letter S for competitive exams Preparations. All of these MCQs are helpful for upcoming exams preparations. All of these words are helpful for learning and preparing of words with meanings learnings.

Letter S Words Meanings
Letter S Words Meanings For Competitive Exams

English Words With Meanings Letter S For Competitive Exams Tests

Sr. Words URDU Meanings English Meanings
1 Sacrilegious توہین آمیز Grossly Irreverent Toward What Is Considered Holy
2 Sacrosanct مقدس Treated As If Holy And Kept Free From Violation Or Criticism
3 Sagacious سمجھدار Acutely Insightful And Wise
4 Salubrious صحت بخش Promoting Health
5 Sardonic طنزیہ Disdainfully Or Ironically Humorous
6 Satiate مطمئن کرنا Fill To Satisfaction
7 Satirical طنزیہ Exposing Human Folly To Ridicule
8 Saturate سیر کرنا Infuse Or Fill Completely
9 Scarce قلیل Deficient In Quantity Or Number Compared With The Demand
10 Scathing سختی کرنے والا Marked By Harshly Abusive Criticism
11 Schism اختلاف Division Of A Group Into Opposing Factions
12 Scion نسل A Descendent Or Heir
13 Scornful طعنہ دینے والا Expressing Extreme Contempt
14 Scrupulous بیوقوف Characterized By Extreme Care And Great Effort
15 Scrutinize چھان بین کرنا Examine Carefully For Accuracy
16 Seamless ہموار Perfectly Consistent And Coherent
17 Secede الگ ہو جانا Withdraw From An Organization Or Polity
18 Secession علیحدگی Formal Separation From An Alliance Or Federation
19 Sedentary بیہودہ Requiring Sitting Or Little Activity
20 Seditious فتنہ انگیز In Opposition To A Civil Authority Or Government
21 Sedulous دلکش Marked By Care And Persistent Effort
22 Segregation دوسروں سے الگ کردہ شخص The Act Of Keeping Apart
23 Semantics الفاظ کی اصطلاحات کی سائنس The Study Of Language Meaning
24 Seminal بیج سے متعلق Influential And Providing A Basis For Later Development
25 Sentient جذباتی Endowed With Feeling And Unstructured Consciousness
26 Sentiment جذبہ A Personal Belief Or Judgment
27 Sequential ترتیب وار In Regular Succession Without Gaps
28 Sequester الگ کرنے والا Set Apart From Others
29 Serendipity بے حسی Good Luck In Making Unexpected And Fortunate Discoveries
30 Serenity سکون The Absence Of Mental Stress Or Anxiety
31 Sibylline پیش گوئی سے متعلق Resembling Or Characteristic Of A Prophet Or Prophecy
32 Simian بندر کی طرح Relating To Or Resembling An Ape
33 Simile مشابہت A Figure Of Speech Expressing A Resemblance Between Things
34 Simultaneous بیک وقت Occurring Or Operating At The Same Time
35 Slack ڈھیلا Not Tense Or Taut
36 Sobriety نرمی The State Of Being Unaffected Or Not Intoxicated By Alcohol
37 Solace سکون Comfort Offered To One Who Is Disappointed Or Miserable
38 Solitude تنہائی A State Of Social Isolation
39 Solvent مادوں کو تحلیل کرنے والا A Liquid Substance Capable Of Dissolving Other Substances
40 Somatic جسم کا یا اس سے متعلق Characteristic Of The Body As Opposed To The Mind Or Spirit
41 Sophist صوفیانہ Someone Whose Reasoning Is Subtle And Often Specious
42 Specious مخصوص Plausible But False
43 Spectator تماشائی A Close Observer; Someone Who Looks At Something
44 Spectrum سپیکٹرم A Broad Range Of Related Objects, Values, Or Qualities
45 Speculation قیاس A Message Expressing An Opinion Based On Incomplete Evidence
46 Spontaneous اچانک Said Or Done Without Having Been Planned In Advance
47 Sporadic کبھی کبھار کسی جگہ Recurring In Scattered Or Unpredictable Instances
48 Spurious جعلی Plausible But False
49 Spurn ٹھکرانا Reject With Contempt
50 Squabble جھگڑا A Quarrel About Petty Points
51 Squalid گھٹیا Foul And Run-Down And Repulsive
52 Squander اسراف کرنا Spend Extravagantly
53 Stagnant جمود کا شکار Not Growing Or Changing; Without Force Or Vitality
54 Stagnate ٹھنڈا پڑ جانا Stand Still
55 Stalemate تعطل A Situation In Which No Progress Can Be Made
56 Stamina قوت برداشت Enduring Strength And Energy
57 Statutory قانونی Prescribed Or Authorized By Or Punishable Under Law
58 Steadfast ثابت قدم Marked By Firm Determination Or Resolution; Not Shakable
59 Stoic صابرانہ Seeming Unaffected By Pleasure Or Pain; Impassive
60 Stratification ترتیب مدارج The Act Of Arranging Persons Into Classes Or Levels
61 Striate لکیروں والا Mark With Stripes Of Contrasting Color
62 Stultify بے وقوف بنانا Deprive Of Strength Or Efficiency; Make Useless Or Worthless
63 Stupefy بیوقوف Make Senseless Or Dizzy By Or As If By A Blow
64 Subdue تابع کرنا Put Down By Force Or Intimidation
65 Subjugate زیر اثر رکھنا Make Subservient; Force To Submit Or Subdue
66 Subliminal عروج پر Below The Threshold Of Conscious Perception
67 Subordinate ماتحت Lower In Rank Or Importance
68 Subservient تابع Compliant And Obedient To Authority
69 Subside ختم ہو جانا Wear Off Or Die Down
70 Subsidiary ماتحت ادارہ Functioning In A Supporting Capacity
71 Subsistence رزق A Means Of Surviving
72 Subversive تخریبی In Opposition To An Established System Or Government
73 Successor جانشین A Person Who Inherits Some Title Or Office
74 Succinct مختصر Briefly Giving The Gist Of Something
75 Sully خراب کرنا Make Dirty Or Spotty
76 Summon طلب کرنا Call In An Official Matter, Such As To Attend Court
77 Sumptuous شاندار Rich And Superior In Quality
78 Sundry متنوع Consisting Of A Haphazard Assortment Of Different Kinds
79 Superannuated معزول Too Old To Be Useful
80 Supercilious شاندار Having Or Showing Arrogant Disdain Or Haughtiness
81 Supererogatory اضافی More Than Is Needed, Desired, Or Required
82 Superficial سطحی Of, Affecting, Or Being On Or Near The Surface
83 Superfluous ضرورت سے زیادہ More Than Is Needed, Desired, Or Required
84 Superimpose اضافہ کرنا Place On Top Of
85 Superlative شاندار The Form Of A Word Denoting The Greatest Degree Or Extent
86 Supernatural نظر نہ آنے والی طاقت Not Able To Be Explained By Physical Laws
87 Supersede ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ رکھنا Take The Place Or Move Into The Position Of
88 Supple کومل Readily Adaptable
89 Supplementary ضمنی Functioning In A Supporting Capacity
90 Suppliant فراہم کنندہ One Praying Humbly For Something
91 Suppression دبانا Forceful Prevention; Putting Down By Power Or Authority
92 Surfeit جی بھر کے دینا Indulge (One's Appetite) To Satiety
93 Surreal غیر حقیقی Characterized By Fantastic And Incongruous Imagery
94 Surreptitious مخفی Marked By Quiet And Caution And Secrecy
95 Sustenance رزق A Source Of Materials To Nourish The Body
96 Sybaritic عالی شان Displaying Luxury And Furnishing Gratification To The Senses
97 Sycophant مہربانی A Person Who Tries To Please Someone To Gain An Advantage
98 Symmetry ہم آہنگی Balance Among The Parts Of Something
99 Synchronous ہم وقت ساز Occurring Or Existing At The Same Time
100 Synonymous مترادف Meaning The Same Or Nearly The Same

Top 100 Most Repeated Letter R Words For Competitive Exams

 Most Repeated 100 English Words with Letter R with complete meanings in URDU and English. These English words are helpful for upcoming exams tests of PPSC - Public Service Commission Competitive Government Jobs tests. These words are most important for Lecturer Jobs tests for both Male and Female In Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, KPK teaching tests.

Top 100 Word Meanings
Letter R Words With Meanings In URDU English

Letter R English Most Difficult Words Meanings For Competitive Exams

Sr. Words URDU Meanings English Meanings
1 Raconteur قصے سنانے والا A Person Skilled In Telling Anecdotes
2 Radical بنیاد پرست A Person Who Has Revolutionary Ideas Or Opinions
3 Rambunctious بھڑکنے والا Noisy And Lacking In Restraint Or Discipline
4 Ramification شاخ در شاخ ہونا A Consequence, Especially One That Causes Complications
5 Rampant روز بروز بڑھتی ہوئی Occurring Or Increasing In An Unrestrained Way
6 Rancor تعصب A Feeling Of Deep And Bitter Anger And Ill-Will
7 Rapport تعلق A Relationship Of Mutual Understanding Between People
8 Rarefied نایاب Of High Moral Or Intellectual Value
9 Rationalization معذرت کرنا A Defense Mechanism Explaining Actions Non-Threateningly
10 Ravage تباہی Cause Extensive Destruction Or Ruin Utterly
11 Ravenous بے ہنگم Extremely Hungry
12 Realm دائرہ A Domain In Which Something Is Dominant
13 Reap کاٹنا Get Or Derive
14 Rebellious باغی Resisting Control Or Authority
15 Rebuke سرزنش کرنا An Act Or Expression Of Criticism And Censure
16 Rebuttal تردید The Speech Act Of Refuting By Offering A Contrary Argument
17 Recalcitrant تذبذب کا شکار Stubbornly Resistant To Authority Or Control
18 Recant رد کرنا Formally Reject Or Disavow A Formerly Held Belief
19 Recapitulate تکرار کرنا Summarize Briefly
20 Recidivism تکرار جرم Habitual Relapse Into Crime
21 Recipient وصول کنندہ A Person To Whom Something Is Sent, Given, Or Awarded
22 Reciprocate بدلہ دینا Act, Feel, Or Give Mutually Or In Return
23 Recluse اجتہادی One Who Lives In Solitude
24 Recoil پیچھے ہٹنا Draw Back, As With Fear Or Pain
25 Recommence دوبارہ شروع کرنا Begin Again
26 Recompense بدلہ Payment Or Reward, As For Service Rendered
27 Reconcile صلح کرنا Bring Into Consonance Or Accord
28 Recondite دوبارہ ترتیب دینا Difficult To Understand
29 Reconnaissance ٹوہ The Act Of Scouting, Especially To Gain Information
30 Recrimination الزام تراشی Mutual Accusations
31 Rectitude درستگی Righteousness As A Consequence Of Being Honorable And Honest
32 Redoubtable قابلِ شک Inspiring Fear
33 Redress ازالہ Act Of Correcting An Error Or A Fault Or An Evil
34 Refined بہتر Cultivated And Genteel
35 Refulgent پرجوش Radiating Or As If Radiating Light
36 Refurbish تجدید کرنا Improve The Appearance Or Functionality Of
37 Refutation تردید The Act Of Determining That Something Is False
38 Regime حکومت The Governing Authority Of A Political Unit
39 Regress رجوع کرنا Get Worse Or Fall Back To A Previous Condition
40 Reiterate دہرانا Say, State, Or Perform Again
41 Rejuvenate جوان کرنا Return To Life; Get Or Give New Life Or Energy
42 Relapse دوبارہ لگنا A Failure To Maintain A Higher State
43 Relegate چھوڑنا Assign To A Lower Position
44 Relent نرمی کرنا Give In, As To Influence Or Pressure
45 Relentless بے لگام Never-Ceasing
46 Relevance مطابقت The Relation Of Something To The Matter At Hand
47 Relevant متعلقہ Having A Bearing On Or Connection With The Subject At Issue
48 Relinquish دست بردار ہونا Turn Away From; Give Up
49 Relish مزہ لینا Spicy Or Savory Condiment
50 Remediate تدارک کرنا Set Straight Or Right
51 Reminiscent یاد دلانے والا Serving To Bring To Mind
52 Remorse پچھتاوا A Feeling Of Deep Regret, Usually For Some Misdeed
53 Remote دور دراز Inaccessible And Sparsely Populated
54 Remunerate معاوضہ دینا Make Payment To; Compensate
55 Renegade رجعت پسند Someone Who Rebels And Becomes An Outlaw
56 Renege رد کرنا Fail To Fulfill A Promise Or Obligation
57 Renounce استعفی دینا Turn Away From; Give Up
58 Renowned معروف Widely Known And Esteemed
59 Renunciation ترک کرنا The Act Of Sacrificing Or Giving Up Or Surrendering
60 Repent توبہ Feel Sorry For; Be Contrite About
61 Repercussion ردِ عمل A Remote Or Indirect Consequence Of Some Action
62 Repertoire ذخیرے The Range Of Skills In A Particular Field Or Occupation
63 Replenish بھرنے Fill Something That Had Previously Been Emptied
64 Reprehensible قابل مذمت Bringing Or Deserving Severe Rebuke Or Censure
65 Repress دبانا Block The Action Of
66 Reprove ملامت کرنا Reprimand, Scold, Or Express Dissatisfaction With
67 Repudiate تردید کرنا Reject As Untrue, Unfounded, Or Unjust
68 Repugnant مکروہ Offensive To The Mind
69 Reputable نامور Held In High Esteem And Honor
70 Resolute عزم Firm In Purpose Or Belief
71 Resonate گونجنا Evoke Or Suggest A Strong Meaning Or Belief
72 Restitution معاوضہ A Sum Of Money Paid In Compensation For Loss Or Injury
73 Restive آرام کرنے والا Impatient Especially Under Restriction Or Delay
74 Resurgence دوبارہ پیدا ہونا Bringing Again Into Activity And Prominence
75 Resuscitate دوبارہ زندہ کرنا Cause To Regain Consciousness
76 Retaliate بدلہ لینا Make A Counterattack And Return Like For Like
77 Reticent متضاد Cool And Formal In Manner
78 Retort جواب دینا Answer Back
79 Retract پیچھے ہٹنا Formally Reject Or Disavow
80 Retrench چھڑانا Make A Reduction, As In One's Workforce
81 Retribution بدلہ The Act Of Taking Revenge
82 Revelation وحی An Enlightening Or Astonishing Disclosure
83 Revelry تفریح Unrestrained Merrymaking
84 Reverberate گونجنا Ring Or Echo With Sound
85 Revere احترام کرنا Love Unquestioningly And Uncritically Or To Excess
86 Revile گالی دینا Spread Negative Information About
87 Revoke منسوخ کرنا Cancel Officially
88 Revolutionize انقلاب لانا Change Radically
89 Revulsion بغاوت Intense Aversion
90 Rhetorical بیان بازی Relating To Using Language Effectively
91 Rigorous سخت Demanding Strict Attention To Rules And Procedures
92 Riveting توجہ دینا توجہ مرکوز کرنا Capable Of Arousing And Holding The Attention
93 Robust مضبوط Sturdy And Strong In Form, Constitution, Or Construction
94 Rousing جوش مارنا Capable Of Stirring Enthusiasm Or Excitement
95 Rudimentary ابتدائی Being In The Earliest Stages Of Development
96 Ruminate افواہیں Reflect Deeply On A Subject
97 Rural دیہی Living In Or Characteristic Of Farming Or Country Life
98 Ruse ٹال مٹول A Deceptive Maneuver, Especially To Avoid Capture
99 Rustic دہاتی Characteristic Of Rural Life
100 Ruthless بے رحم Without Mercy Or Pity

Top 40 Most Repeated Letter Q Words For Competitive Exams

 Learn Most Difficult English Words Letter Q with solved Meanings in URDU and English for your exams and tests preparations. All of these most difficult words are helpful for preparations of PPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, OTS, PTS, BPSC, SPSC and many more related competitive exams and tests.

Exams MCQs
English Letter Q difficult Words Meanings

Letter Q English Words Meanings For Exams Tests

Sr. Words URDU Meanings English Meanings
1 Quack کائیں کائیں کرنا The Sound Made By A Duck
2 Quadrilateral ایسی شکل جس کے چار زاویے ہوں A Four-Sided Polygon
3 Quadruped چوگنی An Animal Especially A Mammal Having Four Limbs
4 Quaff کوف Swallow Hurriedly Or Greedily Or In One Draught
5 Quagmire دلدل A Soft Wet Area Of Low-Lying Land That Sinks Underfoot
6 Quaint عجیب Attractively Old-Fashioned
7 Qualified اہل Meeting The Proper Standards And Requirements For A Task
8 Qualify معیار پر پورا اترنا Prove Capable Or Fit; Meet Requirements
9 Qualitative قابلیت Involving Distinguishing Attributes
10 Qualm پرسکون Uneasiness About The Fitness Of An Action
11 Quandary جھگڑا A Situation From Which Extrication Is Difficult
12 Quantitative مقداری Expressible As An Amount That Can Be Measured
13 Quantity مقدار How Much There Is Or How Many There Are Of Something
14 Quantum ایک خاص مقدار The Smallest Discrete Quantity Of Some Physical Property
15 Quarantine قرنطینہ Isolation To Prevent The Spread Of Infectious Disease
16 Quarrel جھگڑا An Angry Dispute
17 Quarry کان A Surface Excavation For Extracting Stone Or Slate
18 Quash مسترد کرنا Put Down By Force Or Intimidation
19 Quay لکڑی یا پتھر کا چبُوترا Wharf Usually Built Parallel To The Shoreline
20 Queasy بے چین Feeling Nausea
21 Quell روکنا Suppress Or Crush Completely
22 Quench بجھانا Put Out, As Of Fires, Flames, Or Lights
23 Querulous جھگڑالو Habitually Complaining
24 Query استفسار Pose A Question
25 Quest جستجو The Act Of Searching For Something
26 Queue قطار Form A Line Or Stand In Line
27 Quibble جھنجھوڑا Argue Over Petty Things
28 Quiescent پرسکون Being Quiet Or Still Or Inactive
29 Quietude خاموشی A State Of Peace And Quiet
30 Quintessence لطافت The Most Typical Example Or Representative Of A Type
31 Quip منہ چڑانا, ہنسی اڑانا Witty Remark
32 Quirk نرالا A Strange Attitude Or Habit
33 Quirky غیر روایتی Strikingly Unconventional
34 Quisling دشمن سے تعاون کرنے والا Someone Who Collaborates With An Enemy Occupying Force
35 Quiver کانپنا Shake With Fast, Tremulous Movements
36 Quixotic غیر فطری شیخ چلی من چلا Not Sensible About Practical Matters
37 Quizzical نرم بولنے والا Playfully Vexing, Especially By Ridicule
38 Quorum لوگوں کی مطلوبہ تعداد A Gathering Of The Minimal Number Of Members Of A Group
39 Quotation اقتباس A Passage Or Expression That Is Cited
40 Quotidian کام کا دن Found In The Ordinary Course Of Events

Top 100 Most Repeated Letter P Words For Competitive Exams

Most important and repeated competitive exams English Most difficult words with meanings for upcoming exams preparations question answers learn online. Solved MCQs are also available here. Learn solved words with meanings of English and URDU meanings. All of these most difficult words are helpful for competitive exams tests Preparations.

English Words Meanings
English Letter P Most Repeated Words Meanings in URDU English

English Most Difficult Words Meanings In URDU and English

Sr. Words URDU Meanings English Meanings
1 Pacifist امن پسند Someone Opposed To Violence As A Means Of Settling Disputes
2 Palliative فالج کرنے والا Moderating Pain Or Sorrow By Making It Easier To Bear
3 Palpable واضح Able To Be Felt By Tactile Examination
4 Panacea علاج Hypothetical Remedy For All Ills Or Diseases
5 Pandemic عالمی وباء An Outbreak Of Disease That Is Geographically Widespread
6 Pandemonium افراتفری انتشار گڑ بڑ A State Of Extreme Confusion And Disorder
7 Paradigm نمونہ A Standard Or Typical Example
8 Paradox تضاد A Statement That Contradicts Itself
9 Paragon اپنی مثال آپ Model Of Excellence Or Perfection Of A Kind
10 Parody کسی کی مزحیہ نقل A Composition That Imitates Or Misrepresents A Style
11 Parsimonious پارسا Excessively Unwilling To Spend
12 Partisan متعصب Devoted To A Cause Or Political Group
13 Pastoral پادری Idyllically Rustic
14 Patriarchal پدرانہ Of A Social Organization With The Male As The Head
15 Patrician خاندانی امیر Befitting A Person Of Noble Origin
16 Patriotism حب الوطنی Love Of Country And Willingness To Sacrifice For It
17 Patronizing سرپرستی کرنا Characteristic Of Those Who Treat Others With Arrogance
18 Paucity کمی An Insufficient Quantity Or Number
19 Pecuniary مالیاتی Relating To Or Involving Money
20 Pedagogy درس گاہ The Principles And Methods Of Instruction
21 Pedantic خودنمائی کرنے والا Marked By A Narrow Focus On Or Display Of Learning
22 Penitent توبہ کرنے والا Feeling Or Expressing Remorse For Misdeeds
23 Penurious تکلیف دہ Excessively Unwilling To Spend
24 Perfidious بے ایمان Tending To Betray
25 Perilous خطرناک Fraught With Danger
26 Perish فنا Pass From Physical Life
27 Pernicious نقصان دہ Exceedingly Harmful
28 Perpetuate برقرار رکھنا Cause To Continue Or Prevail
29 Personification شخصیت سازی Someone Who Represents An Abstract Quality
30 Pertinent متعلقہ Having Precise Or Logical Relevance To The Matter At Hand
31 Peruse غور کرنا Examine Or Consider With Attention And In Detail
32 Pervasive وسیع Spreading Or Spread Throughout
33 Philanthropist انسان دوست Someone Who Makes Charitable Donations
34 Pillage لوٹنا Steal Goods; Take As Spoils
35 Pinnacle بلندی The Highest Level Or Degree Attainable
36 Pithy مختصر Concise And Full Of Meaning
37 Placate تسلی دینا Cause To Be More Favorably Inclined
38 Placid پرسکون Calm And Free From Disturbance
39 Plausible قابل فہم Apparently Reasonable, Valid, Or Truthful
40 Plebeian ادنی طبقے کے لوگ One Of The Common People
41 Plethora بہتات Extreme Excess
42 Pliable لچکدار Capable Of Being Bent Or Flexed Or Twisted Without Breaking
43 Plight حالت زار A Situation From Which Extrication Is Difficult
44 Plummet ساہل Drop Sharply
45 Plunder لوٹ مار Destroy And Strip Of Its Possession
46 Plutocracy دولت مندوں کی حکومت A Political System Governed By The Wealthy People
47 Poignant مضطرب Keenly Distressing To The Mind Or Feelings
48 Polarize الفاظ کو خاص معنی دینا Become Divided In A Conflict Or Contrasting Situation
49 Pompous متکبر Puffed Up With Vanity
50 Portentous دلکش Of Momentous Or Ominous Significance
51 Posterity نسل All Future Generations
52 Potent قوی Having A Strong Physiological Or Chemical Effect
53 Potentate آمر حاکم A Powerful Ruler, Especially One Who Is Unconstrained By Law
54 Pragmatic حقیقت پسندانہ Concerning A Theory Of Observable Practical Consequences
55 Preamble تمہید A Preliminary Introduction, As To A Statute Or Constitution
56 Precarious غیر یقینی Fraught With Danger
57 Precedent نظیر An Example That Is Used To Justify Similar Occurrences
58 Precocious وقتی Characterized By Exceptionally Early Development
59 Precursor پیشگی Something Indicating The Approach Of Something Or Someone
60 Predator شکاری Any Animal That Lives By Preying On Other Animals
61 Predecessor پیشرو One Who Goes Before You In Time
62 Predominance برتری The State Of Having Superior Power And Influence Over Others
63 Premonition پیش گوئی A Feeling Of Evil To Come
64 Preponderance غالب ہونے کی حالت Exceeding In Heaviness; Having Greater Weight
65 Preposterous مضحکہ خیز Inviting Ridicule
66 Prerequisite شرط Something That Is Needed Or Obligatory In Advance
67 Prerogative استحقاق A Right Reserved Exclusively By A Person Or Group
68 Prescience علم The Power To Foresee The Future
69 Prevalent مروجہ Most Frequent Or Common
70 Prevaricate کسی کام یا بات کا ہیر پھیر ہونا Be Deliberately Ambiguous Or Unclear
71 Primitive قدیم Belonging To An Early Stage Of Technical Development
72 Pristine اصلی Completely Free From Dirt Or Contamination
73 Privation دستی مفلسی The Act Of Stripping Someone Of Food, Money, Or Rights
74 Prodigal فضول Recklessly Wasteful
75 Prodigious شاندار Great In Size, Force, Extent, Or Degree
76 Prodigy غیر معمولی ذہانت والا نوجوان An Unusually Gifted Or Intelligent Person
77 Prognosticate پیش گوئی کرنا Make A Prediction About; Tell In Advance
78 Prolific انمول Intellectually Productive
79 Prolix غیر ضروری طور پر توسیع Tediously Prolonged Or Tending To Speak Or Write At Length
80 Prominent ممتاز Having A Quality That Thrusts Itself Into Attention
81 Propel آگے بڑھانا Cause To Move Forward With Force
82 Propensity رجحان A Natural Inclination
83 Prophecy نبوت Knowledge Of The Future, As From A Divine Source
84 Propitious موافق Presenting Favorable Circumstances
85 Proportional متناسب Properly Related In Size Or Degree
86 Proprietor مالک Someone Who Owns A Business
87 Propriety ملکیت Correct Behavior
88 Prosaic بے لطف بے مزہ Not Challenging; Dull And Lacking Excitement
89 Prosperity خوشحالی The Condition Of Having Good Fortune
90 Prostrate سجدہ کرنا Lying Face Downward
91 Protege حامی A Person Who Receives Support From An Influential Patron
92 Prototype نمونہ A Standard Or Typical Example
93 Proverbial ضرب المثل Relating To Or Resembling A Condensed But Memorable Saying
94 Provocative اشتعال انگیز Serving Or Tending To Excite Or Stimulate
95 Prowess قابلیت A Superior Skill Learned By Study And Practice
96 Puerile بچوں کا سا Displaying Or Suggesting A Lack Of Maturity
97 Pugilist مکار Someone Who Fights With His Fists For Sport
98 Pugnacious مکروہ Ready And Able To Resort To Force Or Violence
99 Puissant قوی ، طاقت والا Powerful
100 Pusillanimous کمزور کم ہمت Lacking In Courage, Strength, And Resolution