Top 100 Most Repeated Letter N Words For Competitive Exams

Learn English most difficult words with complete meanings in URDU and English for your exams and tests preparations learn here online 100 Most important English most difficult words meanings of Letter N Words for your competitive exams tests preparations. All of these words are helpful for preparations of PPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, OTS, PTS, FPSC, KPPSC, BPSC and other competition exams tests.

English Competitive Exams Words Meanings
English Difficult Words Meanings

English Most Difficult Words Letter N Meanings In English URDU

Sr. Words URDU Meanings English Meanings
1 Nadir پستی کی انتہا The Lowest Point Of Anything
2 Naive بولی Marked By Or Showing Unaffected Simplicity
3 Naivete سادہ لوح Lack Of Sophistication Or Worldliness
4 Narcissist نرگسیت پسند Someone Who Is Excessively Self-Centered
5 Narrative وضاحتی Consisting Of Or Characterized By The Telling Of A Story
6 Nascent نوزائیدہ Being Born Or Beginning
7 Nationalism قوم پرستی The Doctrine That Countries Should Act Independently
8 Native مقامی Characteristic Of Or Existing By Virtue Of Geographic Origin
9 Natty خوش وضع Marked By Up-To-Dateness In Dress And Manners
10 Naught کوئی بات نہیں۔ A Quantity Of No Importance
11 Nauseate بیمار کر دینے والا Upset And Make Ill
12 Nauseous متلی Causing A Sick Feeling
13 Nautical سمندری Relating To Ships Or Navigation
14 Navigable جہاز اڑانے کے قابل Able To Be Sailed On Or Through Safely
15 Navigate رہبری جہاز رانی کا فن Direct And Plot The Path And Position Of A Conveyance
16 Nebulous غیر واضع Lacking Definite Form Or Limits
17 Necessitate لازمی کرنا Require As Useful, Just, Or Proper
18 Necessity ضرورت Anything Indispensable
19 Necromancy سفلی علم جادو گری The Belief In Magical Spells That Harness Occult Forces
20 Nectar پھلوں کا رس A Sweet Liquid Secretion That Is Attractive To Pollinators
21 Nefarious ناپاک Extremely Wicked
22 Negate نفی کرنا Make Ineffective By Counterbalancing The Effect Of
23 Negative منفی Having The Quality Of Something Harmful Or Unpleasant
24 Neglect غفلت Fail To Attend To
25 Neglected نظر انداز Disregarded
26 Negligence غفلت Failure To Act With The Prudence Of A Reasonable Person
27 Negligent لا پروائی Characterized By Undue Lack Of Attention Or Concern
28 Negligible نہ ہونے کے برابر So Small As To Be Meaningless; Insignificant
29 Negotiable قابل تبادلہ Able To Be Arranged By Compromise
30 Negotiate گفت و شنید Discuss The Terms Of An Arrangement
31 Negotiation مذاکرات A Discussion Intended To Produce An Agreement
32 Nemesis بدلہ لینے کی وجہ سے Something Or Someone Causing Misery Or Death
33 Neologism جدید لفظ وضع الفاظ نئے معنی A Newly Invented Word Or Phrase
34 Neophyte نیا آنے والا Any New Participant In Some Activity
35 Nepotism اقربا پروری Favoritism Shown To Relatives Or Friends By Those In Power
36 Nestle آغوش میں لیے رہنا Move Or Arrange Oneself In A Comfortable And Cozy Position
37 Nether زیر زمین Lower
38 Nettle بچھو کا درخت Plant Having Stinging Hairs That Cause Skin Irritation
39 Network پھیلا ہوا جال An Interconnected System Of Things Or People
40 Neurotic اعصابی Affected With Emotional Disorder
41 Neutral غیرجانبدار Possessing No Distinctive Quality Or Characteristics
42 Neutrality بے تعلق, بے سروکار Nonparticipation In A Dispute Or War
43 Neutralization توڑ The Removal Of A Threat By Killing Or Destroying It
44 Neutralize بے اثر کرنا Oppose And Mitigate The Effects Of By Contrary Actions
45 Newcomer اجنبی A Recent Arrival
46 Nexus علاقہ The Means Of Connection Between Things Linked In Series
47 Nib قلم کی نوک The Writing Point Of A Pen
48 Nicety نیکی Conformity With Some Standard Of Correctness Or Propriety
49 Niche مناسب جگہ A Position Well Suited To The Person Who Occupies It
50 Niggle معمولی باتوں پر وقت ضائع کرنا Worry Unnecessarily Or Excessively
51 Nihilism مذہب انکار The Delusion That Things Do Not Exist
52 Nihilist مذہبی عقائد کا انکار Someone Who Rejects All Theories Of Morality
53 Nimble چالاک Moving Quickly And Lightly
54 Nirvana جذبہ اور تکلیف سے آزادی Any Place Of Complete Bliss And Delight And Peace
55 Noble شریف النفس Having High Or Elevated Character
56 Nocturnal رات کو جاگنے والے Belonging To Or Active During The Night
57 Noetic دماغی Of Or Associated With Or Requiring The Use Of The Mind
58 Noisome شور مچانے والا Causing Or Able To Cause Nausea
59 Nomad خانہ بدوش A Member Of A People Who Have No Permanent Home
60 Nomadic خانہ بدوش بنجارہ, بدو Migratory
61 Nomenclature نام سازی A System Of Words Used To Name Things In A Discipline
62 Nominal برائے نام Insignificantly Small; A Matter Of Form Only
63 Nonchalant بے حس Marked By Casual Unconcern Or Indifference
64 Noncommittal غیر ذمہ دارانہ Refusing To Bind Oneself To A Particular Course Of Action
65 Nonconformist سرکش منحرف Someone Refusing To Follow Established Standards Of Conduct
66 Nonconformity غیر موافقت Failure To Follow Accepted Standards Of Behavior
67 Nondescript غیر بیانیہ Lacking Distinct Or Individual Characteristics
68 Nonentity عدمیت A Person Of No Influence
69 Nonetheless بہر حال Despite Anything To The Contrary
70 Nonpareil لاثانی، بے نظیر Colored Beads Of Sugar Used As A Topping
71 Nonplus بوکھلا دینا, حیرانی Be A Mystery Or Bewildering To
72 Nonplussed کشمکش میں ڈالنا Filled With Bewilderment
73 Nonsensical بے ہودہ Having No Intelligible Meaning
74 Normative معیاری Relating To Or Dealing With Typical Standards Or Patterns
75 Nostalgia پرانی یادیں A Longing For Something Past
76 Nostalgic ماضی کی دلکش یادوں کے ساتھ Unhappy About Being Away And Longing For Familiar Things
77 Nostrum اکسیر اعظم Patent Medicine Whose Efficacy Is Questionable
78 Notable قابل ذکر Worthy Of Attention Or Interest
79 Notice اطلاع نامہ Discover Or Determine The Existence, Presence, Or Fact Of
80 Notion تصور A Vague Idea In Which Some Confidence Is Placed
81 Notoriety بدنامی The State Of Being Known For Some Unfavorable Act Or Quality
82 Notorious بدنام Known Widely And Usually Unfavorably
83 Nourish پرورش کرنا Give Sustenance To
84 Novel ناول An Extended Fictional Work In Prose
85 Novelty نیاپن Originality By Virtue Of Being New And Surprising
86 Novice ابتدا کرنا Someone New To A Field Or Activity
87 Noxious ناگوار Injurious To Physical Or Mental Health
88 Nuance شائبہ ۔ پہلو A Subtle Difference In Meaning Or Opinion Or Attitude
89 Nubile شادی کے قابل عورت (Of Young Women) Attractive And Eligible To Marry
90 Nuclear جوہری Of, Relating To, Or Constituting The Dense Center Of An Atom
91 Nugatory ناگوار Of No Real Value
92 Nuisance پریشانی Anything That Disturbs, Endangers Life, Or Is Offensive
93 Null خالی Lacking Any Legal Or Binding Force
94 Nullify کالعدم کرنا Declare Invalid
95 Numismatist سکے جمع کرنے والا A Collector And Student Of Money, Especially Coins
96 Nuptial شادی بیاہ, رسوم شادی Of Or Relating To A Wedding
97 Nuptials شادیاں The Social Event At Which The Marriage Ceremony Is Performed
98 Nursery بچوں کا کمرہ بچہ خانہ A Child's Room For A Baby
99 Nurture پرورش Help Develop; Help Grow
100 Nutrient غذائیت Any Substance That Can Be Metabolized To Give Energy

9th Class Sindhi Notes PDF Karachi Sindh Board

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9th Sindh Board Notes
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Ninth Grade Sindh Board Sindhi Subject Chapter Wise PDF Notes
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9th Class Sindh Board Sindhi Subject Nazams PDF Notes
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You can easily download latest 9th Class Sindhi subject Notes in PDF with all solved chapters. All of these notes are written by the professionals and seniors according to the updated Sindh Board syllabus. Students can get Sindhi book for class 9th Sindh textbook board Jamshoro chapter wise free download in PDF or view online.

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Top 100 Most Repeated Letter M Words For Competitive Exams

 Learn online solved most difficult words of English Letter M with complete meanings in URDU and English for preparations of PPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, PTS, and other English Language tests preparations. These English Most difficult words are also helpful for learning English Literatures tests and Educators Headmaster and Headmistress question answers preparations MCQs and Interviews Exams tests.

English Words Meanings
English Most Difficult Words With Letter M Meanings

English Difficult Word Meanings With Letter M In English and URDU

Sr. Words URDU Meanings English Meanings
1 Macabre بدتمیزی Shockingly Repellent; Inspiring Horror
2 Machination جوڑتوڑ A Crafty And Involved Plot To Achieve Your Ends
3 Maculate داغ دار کرنا Spot, Stain, Or Pollute
4 Maelstrom بھنور A Powerful Circular Current Of Water
5 Magnanimous عالی ظرف Noble And Generous In Spirit
6 Magniloquent شاندار Lofty In Style
7 Magnitude شدت The Property Of Relative Size Or Extent
8 Maim زخمی کرنا Injure Or Wound Seriously And Leave Permanent Disfiguration
9 Majestic شاہانہ Having Or Displaying Great Dignity Or Nobility
10 Malady مرض Any Unwholesome Or Desperate Condition
11 Malaise بے چینی A Feeling Of Mild Sickness Or Depression
12 Malapropism بے تُکا پَن Misuse Of A Word By Confusion With One That Sounds Similar
13 Malevolent بدتمیز Wishing Or Appearing To Wish Evil To Others
14 Malice دوسروں کے لئے برائی چاہنا کینہ The Desire To See Others Suffer
15 Malignant مہلک Dangerous To Health
16 Malingerer بیماری کا بہانہ کرنے والا Someone Shirking Duty By Feigning Illness Or Incapacity
17 Malleable قابل تسخیر Easily Influenced
18 Manifestation مظہر An Indication Of The Existence Of Some Person Or Thing
19 Manifold کئی گنا Many And Varied; Having Many Features Or Forms
20 Manipulate جوڑتوڑ Influence Or Control Shrewdly Or Deviously
21 Manumit غلامی سے آزاد کرنا Free From Slavery Or Servitude
22 Mar بگاڑ دینا Cause To Become Imperfect
23 Marital ازدواجی Of Or Relating To The State Of Marriage
24 Maritime سمندری Relating To Ships Or Navigation
25 Martyr شہید One Who Suffers For The Sake Of Principle
26 Materialistic مادیت پسند Marked By A Desire For Wealth And Possessions
27 Materialize مادی بنانا Come Into Being; Become Reality
28 Maternal زچگی Characteristic Of A Mother
29 Matriarchy ازدواجی نظام Social Organization In Which A Female Is The Family Head
30 Matrix کوکھ، شکم An Enclosure Within Which Something Originates Or Develops
31 Maturation پختگی The Process Of An Individual Organism Growing Organically
32 Maudlin چکرایا ہوا, جذباتی Effusively Or Insincerely Emotional
33 Maul پرخچے اڑا دینا, بری طرح مارنا Injure Badly
34 Maven انتہائی ماہر One Who Is Very Skilled In Or Knowledgeable About A Field
35 Maverick آوارہ Independent In Behavior Or Thought
36 Mawkish مکروہ Effusively Or Insincerely Emotional
37 Maxim کہاوت, مقولہ, قول A Saying That Is Widely Accepted On Its Own Merits
38 Mayhem تباہی Violent And Needless Disturbance
39 Meager معمولی Deficient In Amount Or Quality Or Extent
40 Meander مٹر گشت Move Or Cause To Move In A Winding Or Curving Course
41 Mediate ثالثی کرنا Act Between Parties With A View To Reconciling Differences
42 Melancholy اداسی Characterized By Or Causing Or Expressing Sadness
43 Melee ہنگامہ آرائی A Noisy Riotous Fight
44 Mellifluous اچھی لگنے والی آواز Pleasing To The Ear
45 Melodramatic جذباتی ڈرامہ Characteristic Of Acting Or A Stage Performance
46 Memorabilia یادگار A Record Of Things Worth Remembering
47 Menace خطرہ Express A Threat Either By An Utterance Or A Gesture
48 Menagerie جانور خانہ A Collection Of Live Animals For Study Or Display
49 Mendacious بدتمیز Intentionally Untrue
50 Mendicant بھکاری A Pauper Who Lives By Begging
51 Menial مردانہ Relating To Unskilled Work, Especially Domestic Work
52 Mercantile تجارت؛ کاروبار سے متعلق Relating To Or Characteristic Of Trade Or Traders
53 Mercenary باڑے A Person Hired To Fight For Another Country Than Their Own
54 Mercurial غیریقینی Liable To Sudden Unpredictable Change
55 Meretricious مکار Tastelessly Showy
56 Mesmerize مسحور کرنا Attract Strongly, As If With A Magnet
57 Metamorphosis تبدیلی Striking Change In Appearance Or Character Or Circumstances
58 Metaphor استعارہ A Figure Of Speech That Suggests A Non-Literal Similarity
59 Metaphysical مابعد الطبیعاتی Highly Abstract And Overly Theoretical
60 Methodical طریقہ کار Characterized By Orderliness
61 Meticulous محتاط Marked By Precise Accordance With Details
62 Mettle میٹل The Courage To Carry On
63 Microcosm عالم صغیر یعنی انسان A Miniature Model Of Something
64 Mien طرز عمل A Person's Appearance, Manner, Or Demeanor
65 Migration ہجرت The Periodic Passage Of Groups Of Animals
66 Milieu ماحول The Environmental Condition
67 Militant عسکریت پسند A Reformer Disposed To Hard-Line Policies
68 Minion منین A Servile Or Fawning Dependent
69 Minuscule مائنسکول Very Small
70 Mirth میرٹ Great Merriment
71 Misanthrope مردم بیزاری Someone Who Dislikes People In General
72 Misconstrue غلط فہمی Interpret In The Wrong Way
73 Miscreant بدمعاش A Person Without Moral Scruples
74 Misnomer غلط نام An Incorrect Or Unsuitable Name
75 Mitigate تخفیف کرنا Lessen Or To Try To Lessen The Seriousness Or Extent Of
76 Mnemonic یادداشت کا Of Or Relating To The Practice Of Aiding The Memory
77 Modest معمولی Limited In Size Or Scope
78 Modicum قلیل مقدار A Small Or Moderate Or Token Amount
79 Mollify سختی کم کرنا Cause To Be More Favorably Inclined
80 Momentous لمحہ فکریہ Of Very Great Significance
81 Monetary مالیات سے متعلق Relating To Or Involving Money
82 Moniker عرفیت A Familiar Name For A Person
83 Monolithic یک سنگی Characterized By Rigidity And Total Uniformity
84 Monotheism توحید Belief In A Single God
85 Monotonous ناگوار پن سے Sounded Or Spoken In A Tone Unvarying In Pitch
86 Moot قانون کے طلبہ کا مشق کرنا Of No Legal Significance, As Having Been Previously Decided
87 Moratorium معطلی Suspension Of An Ongoing Activity
88 Morbid مریض Suggesting The Horror Of Death And Decay
89 Mores رسم و رواج The Conventions Embodying The Fundamental Values Of A Group
90 Morose غمزدہ چہرہ غمگین Showing A Brooding Ill Humor
91 Mortify شرمندگی Cause To Feel Shame
92 Motif شکل A Design That Consists Of Recurring Shapes Or Colors
93 Motley کئی طرح کے Consisting Of A Haphazard Assortment Of Different Kinds
94 Mull مل Reflect Deeply On A Subject
95 Multitudinous کثیر الجہتی Too Numerous To Be Counted
96 Mundane دنیاوی Found In The Ordinary Course Of Events
97 Munificent مہربان Very Generous
98 Mutiny بغاوت Open Rebellion Against Constituted Authority
99 Myriad ان گنت; بے شمار A Large Indefinite Number
100 Mythical افسانوی Based On Or Told Of In Traditional Stories

Top 100 Most Repeated Letter J K L Words For Competitive Exams

 Learn English Most difficult words with complete meanings in English and URDU for understanding the most English difficult words with letter J, K, L are are here with words meanings in both English and URDU for Competitive exams preparations. All of these English Words meanings are helpful for preparations of PPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, OTS, PTS, FPSC, KPPSC, BPSC and other jobs and screening tests Preparations.

English Difficult Words J K L Meanings in English URDU

Sr. Words URDU Meanings English Meanings
1 Jaded بیوقوف Bored Or Apathetic After Experiencing Too Much Of Something
2 Jargon بازاری زبان Technical Terminology Characteristic Of A Particular Subject
3 Jaunt سیر و تفریح کے لیے چھوٹا سفر کرنا A Journey Taken For Pleasure
4 Jaunty خوش و خرم Having A Cheerful, Lively, And Self-Confident Air
5 Jeer مذاق اڑانا ہنسی اڑانا Laugh At With Contempt And Derision
6 Jejune غذائیت سے خالی Lacking Interest Or Significance Or Impact
7 Jeopardize خطرے میں ڈالنا Pose A Threat To; Present A Danger To
8 Jest طنز Activity Characterized By Good Humor
9 Jettison ترک کرنا Throw Away, Of Something Encumbering
10 Jibe آوازے کسنا An Aggressive Remark Directed At A Person
11 Jingoist جنونی وطن پرست An Extreme Bellicose Nationalist
12 Jocular مزاحیہ Characterized By Jokes And Good Humor
13 Jollity خوشی Feeling Jovial And Full Of Good Humor
14 Jostle چھینا جھپٹی کرنا Make One's Way By Pushing Or Shoving
15 Jovial خوش مزاج Full Of Or Showing High-Spirited Merriment
16 Jubilant خوشیاں کا اظہار کرنے والا Full Of High-Spirited Delight
17 Judicious انصاف پسند Marked By The Exercise Of Common Sense In Practical Matters
18 Juggernaut بھاپ سے چلنے والا رولر تباہ کن طاقت A Massive Inexorable Force
19 Juncture موڑ پر؛ ملاقات کی جگہ A Point In Time When A Critical Decision Must Be Made
20 Junket سیر و تفریح کے لیے چھوٹا سفر کرنا A Trip Taken By An Official At Public Expense
21 Junta فوجی ٹولہ جو انقلاب یا سازشی حملے کے بعد حکومت پر قبضہ کر لے A Group Of Officers Who Rule A Country After Seizing Power
22 Jurisdiction دائرہ کار The Territory Within Which Power Can Be Exercised
23 Jurisprudence قانون کا علم The Collection Of Rules Imposed By Authority
24 Justify جواز پیش کریں۔ Defend, Explain, Or Make Excuses For By Reasoning
25 Juxtapose برابر برابر رکھنا Place Side By Side
26 Keen مختصر طور پر بیان کرنا Demonstrating Ability To Recognize Or Draw Fine Distinctions
27 Ken بصیرت Range Of What One Can Know Or Understand
28 Kindle جلانا Cause To Start Burning
29 Kinetic کائنےٹک Characterized By Motion
30 Kinship صلہ Relatedness Or Connection By Blood Or Marriage Or Adoption
31 Knave بد دیانت شخص مکار A Deceitful And Unreliable Scoundrel
32 Knead گوندھنا Use The Hands To Mix And Work Something Into A Uniform Mass
33 Knell موت کی گھنٹی The Sound Of A Bell Rung Slowly To Announce A Death
34 Knit بننا Make By Needlework With Interlacing Yarn
35 Knoll پہاڑ کی چوٹی A Small Natural Hill
36 Knotty گرہ دار Highly Complex Or Intricate And Occasionally Devious
37 Labile قابِلِ تَغَيُّر Readily Undergoing Change Or Breakdown
38 Lachrymose غم کا اظہار Showing Sorrow
39 Lackadaisical سست Idle Or Indolent Especially In A Dreamy Way
40 Lackluster بے نُور ۔ بے چَمَک ۔ دھُندلا Not Having Brilliance Or Vitality
41 Laconic مختصر Brief And To The Point
42 Lament نوحہ Express Grief Verbally
43 Lampoon چراغ A Composition That Imitates Or Misrepresents A Style
44 Lancet دو دھاری جراحی چاقو An Acutely Pointed Gothic Arch
45 Languid لاغر Lacking Spirit Or Liveliness
46 Languish کمزور ہو جانا Lose Vigor, Health, Or Flesh, As Through Grief
47 Languor تھکن ٹھکاوٹ مردہ دلی کمزوری محسوس کرنا A Feeling Of Lack Of Interest Or Energy
48 Lassitude سستی Weakness Characterized By A Lack Of Vitality Or Energy
49 Latent موجود ہونے کے باوجود دکھائی نہ دے Potentially Existing But Not Presently Evident Or Realized
50 Latter بعد میں Referring To The Second Of Two Things Or Persons Mentioned
51 Laudable قابل تعریف Worthy Of High Praise
52 Lavish شاہانہ Characterized By Extravagance And Profusion
53 Leery لیری Openly Distrustful And Unwilling To Confide
54 Legacy میراث A Gift Of Personal Property By Will
55 Legerdemain شعبدہ بازی جادو گری An Illusory Feat
56 Legislate قانون سازی کرنا Make Laws Or Bills
57 Legitimacy قانونی حیثیت Undisputed Credibility
58 Legitimate جائز Authorized, Sanctioned By, Or In Accordance With Law
59 Leisure تفریح Time Available For Ease And Relaxation
60 Leniency نرمی Mercifulness As A Consequence Of Being Tolerant
61 Lethal مہلک Of An Instrument Of Certain Death
62 Lethargic سستی Deficient In Alertness Or Activity
63 Lethargy کمزوری Weakness Characterized By A Lack Of Vitality Or Energy
64 Levee دریا کا بند An Embankment Built To Prevent A River From Overflowing
65 Level سطح A Relative Position Or Degree Of Value In A Graded Group
66 Leverage قوت Strategic Advantage; Power To Act Effectively
67 Leviathan دریائی عفریت The Largest Or Most Massive Thing Of Its Kind
68 Levity سنجیدگی کی کمی A Manner Lacking Seriousness
69 Lexicon لغت حروف تہجی A Reference Book Containing An Alphabetical List Of Words
70 Liability ذمہ داری Something That Holds You Back
71 Liaison رابطہ A Means Of Communication Between Groups
72 Libation شراب کا گھونٹ A Serving Of An Alcoholic Beverage
73 Libel توہین آمیز تحریر کی اشاعت A False And Malicious Publication
74 Lilliputian معمولی Very Small
75 Limber لچکدار Capable Of Moving Or Bending Freely
76 Limpid صاف شفاف Clear And Bright
77 Lineage نسب The Kinship Relation Between An Individual And Progenitors
78 Linger لیٹنا Remain Present Although Waning Or Gradually Dying
79 Linguistic لسانی Consisting Of Or Related To Language
80 Lionize شیر کرنا Assign Great Social Importance To
81 Liquidate ختم کرنا Convert Into Cash
82 Lissome آسانی سے مڑنے والا Moving And Bending With Ease
83 Listless بے فہرست Lacking Zest Or Vivacity
84 Literal لفظی Limited To The Explicit Meaning Of A Word Or Text
85 Lithe آسانی سے مڑنے والا Moving And Bending With Ease
86 Litigation مقدمہ بازی A Legal Proceeding In A Court
87 Livid بے چین Furiously Angry
88 Loll سستی سے بیٹھنا ،چلنا لٹکنا Be Lazy Or Idle
89 Longevity لمبی عمر The Property Of Having Lived For A Considerable Time
90 Loquacious بولنے والا Full Of Trivial Conversation
91 Lucid اجاگر Transparently Clear; Easily Understandable
92 Lucrative منافع بخش Producing A Sizeable Profit
93 Ludicrous مضحکہ خیز Inviting Ridicule
94 Lugubrious مضحکہ خیز Excessively Mournful
95 Lull شدت میں کمی ہونا Make Calm Or Still
96 Luminary روشن A Celebrity Who Is An Inspiration To Others
97 Lunar قمری Of Or Relating To Or Associated With The Moon
98 Lurid لالچ Glaringly Vivid And Graphic; Marked By Sensationalism
99 Lurk چھپنا Lie In Wait Or Behave In A Sneaky And Secretive Manner
100 Lustrous چمکدار Reflecting Light

Top 100 Most Repeated Letter I Words For Competitive Exams

 If you are looking most important English difficult words with complete meanings in URDU and English. So, you are here on right website. Here you will find the most important English difficult Words with Letter I with meanings in English and URDU. These English Words are important and helpful for preparations of Public Service Commission Exams jobs tests.

Letter I English Words Meanings
Competitive English Words With Meanings

English Words With Complete Meanings

Sr. Words URDU Meanings English Meanings
1 Iconoclast روایت توڑنے والا Someone Who Attacks Cherished Ideas Or Institutions
2 Idealistic مثالی Motivated By Noble Or Moral Beliefs Rather Than Practicality
3 Ideological نظریاتی Concerned With Or Suggestive Of Mental Concepts
4 Idiom محاورے Expression Whose Meaning Cannot Be Inferred From Its Words
5 Idiosyncrasy محاورہ A Behavioral Attribute Peculiar To An Individual
6 Idle بیکار Silly Or Trivial
7 Idyllic آئیڈیلک Charmingly Simple And Serene
8 Ignominious بے عزتی کرنے والا Deserving Or Bringing Disgrace Or Shame
9 Illustrious نامور Widely Known And Esteemed
10 Imbibe جذب کرنا Take In Liquids
11 Imbroglio بے ترتیبی An Intricate And Confusing Interpersonal Situation
12 Imminent آسنن Close In Time; About To Occur
13 Impaired معذور Diminished In Strength, Quality, Or Utility
14 Impartial غیر جانبدار Free From Undue Bias Or Preconceived Opinions
15 Impasse تعطل ۔ A Situation In Which No Progress Can Be Made
16 Impecunious بے عیب Not Having Enough Money To Pay For Necessities
17 Impediment رکاوٹ Something Immaterial That Interferes With Action Or Progress
18 Impending آسنن Close In Time; About To Occur
19 Imperative لازمی Requiring Attention Or Action
20 Imperceptible ناقابل فہم Impossible Or Difficult To Sense
21 Imperious شہنشاہ Having Or Showing Arrogant Superiority
22 Impetuous پرجوش Marked By Violent Force
23 Implicit مضمر Being Without Doubt Or Reserve
24 Implode پھٹنا Burst Inward
25 Implore التجا کرنا Beg Or Request Earnestly And Urgently
26 Imply مطلب Express Or State Indirectly
27 Impregnable ناقابل تسخیر Incapable Of Being Attacked Or Tampered With
28 Impromptu فوری Without Advance Preparation
29 Impudence بے حیائی The Trait Of Being Rude And Impertinent
30 Impunity استثنیٰ Exemption From Punishment Or Loss
31 Inalienable ناقابل شناخت Not Subject To Forfeiture
32 Inane انانے Devoid Of Intelligence
33 Inanimate بے جان Belonging To The Class Of Nouns Denoting Nonliving Things
34 Inaugurate افتتاح کرنا Commence Officially
35 Incarnation اوتار Time Passed In A Particular Bodily Form
36 Incendiary آگ لگانے والا A Criminal Who Illegally Sets Fire To Property
37 Inception آغاز An Event That Is A Beginning
38 Inchoate بالکل ابتدائی Only Partly In Existence; Imperfectly Formed
39 Incipient شروع کرنے والا Only Partly In Existence; Imperfectly Formed
40 Incite بھڑکانا Provoke Or Stir Up
41 Inclement خرابی Severe, Of Weather
42 Incognito پوشیدگی Without Revealing One's Identity
43 Incompetent نااہل Not Qualified Or Suited For A Purpose
44 Inconspicuous غیر واضح Not Prominent Or Readily Noticeable
45 Incorrigible ناقابل اصلاح Impervious To Correction By Punishment
46 Incredulous ناقابل یقین Not Disposed Or Willing To Believe; Unbelieving
47 Increment اضافہ The Amount By Which Something Increases
48 Incumbent عہدہ دار The Official Who Holds An Office
49 Indelible انمٹ Not Able To Be Removed Or Erased
50 Indemnity معاوضہ Protection Against Future Loss
51 Indenture اقرار نامہ Bind By A Contract For Work, As An Apprentice Or Servant
52 Indifferent لاتعلق Marked By A Lack Of Interest
53 Indigenous سودیشی Originating Where It Is Found
54 Indigent لاچار Poor Enough To Need Help From Others
55 Indignant برہم Angered At Something Unjust Or Wrong
56 Indomitable ناقابل تسخیر Impossible To Subdue
57 Ineffable ناقابلِ بیان Defying Expression Or Description
58 Inevitable ناگزیر Incapable Of Being Avoided Or Prevented
59 Inexorable ناقابل برداشت Impossible To Prevent, Resist, Or Stop
60 Infamous بدنام Known Widely And Usually Unfavorably
61 Infinitesimal لامحدود Immeasurably Small
62 Infirmity کمزوری The State Of Being Weak In Health Or Body
63 Inflammatory اشتعال انگیز Arousing To Action Or Rebellion
64 Infringe خلاف ورزی کرنا Go Against, As Of Rules And Laws
65 Ingratiate ناخوش کرنا Gain Favor With Somebody By Deliberate Efforts
66 Inherent ذاتی، پیدائشی Existing As An Essential Constituent Or Characteristic
67 Iniquity بے انصافی۔ Absence Of Moral Or Spiritual Values
68 Innate پیدائشی Not Established By Conditioning Or Learning
69 Innocuous بے ضرر Lacking Intent Or Capacity To Injure
70 Innovative اختراعی ۔ Being Like Nothing Done Or Experienced Or Created Before
71 Innuendo اشارہ۔ کنایہ۔ رمز An Indirect And Usually Malicious Implication
72 Insatiable ناقابل تسخیر Impossible To Fulfill, Appease, Or Gratify
73 Inscrutable تلاش و تجسس سے باہر Difficult Or Impossible To Understand
74 Insidious کپٹی Working Or Spreading In A Hidden And Usually Injurious Way
75 Insolent گستاخ Marked By Casual Disrespect
76 Insolvent دیوالیہ Unable To Meet Or Discharge Financial Obligations
77 Insouciant ناقص Marked By Unconcern
78 Insubordination خلاف ورزی Defiance Of Authority
79 Insular انسولر Suggestive Of The Isolated Life Of An Island
80 Insuperable ناقابل تسخیر Incapable Of Being Surpassed Or Excelled
81 Insurgent باغی A Person Who Takes Part In An Armed Insurrection
82 Insurrection بغاوت Organized Opposition To Authority
83 Intact برقرار Undamaged In Any Way
84 Intangible غیر مادی Incapable Of Being Perceived By The Senses, Especially Touch
85 Inter دفن کرنا Place In A Grave Or Tomb
86 Interdict روکنا A Court Order Prohibiting A Party From A Certain Activity
87 Interim عبوری Serving During An Intermediate Interval Of Time
88 Interject بول اٹھنا Insert Between Other Elements
89 Interloper دخل دینے والا Someone Who Intrudes On The Privacy Or Property Of Another
90 Interminable لامتناہی Tiresomely Long; Seemingly Without End
91 Intimation آگاہی, مشہوری, اعلان An Indirect Suggestion
92 Intransigent ثابت قدم Impervious To Pleas, Persuasion, Requests, Or Reason
93 Intrepid نڈر Invulnerable To Fear Or Intimidation
94 Intrinsic اندرونی Belonging To A Thing By Its Very Nature
95 Introspective خود شناسی Given To Examining Own Sensory And Perceptual Experiences
96 Inundated ڈوب گیا۔ Covered With Water
97 Inverse الٹا Opposite In Nature Or Effect Or Relation To Another Quantity
98 Irrelevant غیر متعلقہ Having No Bearing On Or Connection With The Subject At Issue
99 Irreverent گستاخانہ Showing Lack Of Due Respect Or Veneration
100 Itinerant سفر کرنے والا Traveling From Place To Place To Work

Important Job Interview Tips For Pakistani Applicants

 If you have applied for any job in Pakistan just like, PPSC, FPSC, KPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, OTS, PTS, BPSC, KPSC, SPSC and other repeated in Government and Private jobs Interview. You need to prepare these Important things before going to interview.

Government Jobs Interviews Tips
Jobs Tips For Pakistan Jobs Applicants

These Most important steps are helpful for your Public Service Commission jobs tests Interviews. These steps will help you to make confidence to talk and how to answers the questions easily. Follow these steps and make your chance of selection better.

Step 1. Introduction Your Self:

Your name,  college/Higher secondary school name education 2nd last & last degree Father's name village 

District & Taluka.

Step 2. Islamiat:

✓ Dua e Qunoot

✓ Six kalma's 

✓ Ayatul kursi

✓ Ashra Mubashra

✓ Zakat.

✓ Toheed.

✓ Namaz.

✓ Roza.

✓ Jihad with types.

✓ Hajj and types of Hajj.

✓ Names of four Islamic books which were revealed on Prophets.

✓ Makki & Madni life of the holly prophet Hazrat MUHAMMAD (SAW)

✓ Sahab's tenure with  incidents of their regime.

Step 3.  English:

✓ Dawn news paper (reading)

✓ Abbreviations

✓ Translation

✓ Active& passive

✓ Narration

✓ Names of famous (5) novels and their authors.

✓ Sentence correction

Step 4. Current Affairs:

✓ Covid 19 pandemic.

✓ Ukraine Issue

✓ Palestine issue

✓ Kashmir issue

✓ Inflation

✓ Corruption

✓ Education 

✓ political instability in Pakistan.

✓ Afghan refugees & The downfall of kabul 

✓ Middle East issues Specially Saudi Arab & Iran.

✓ Army chief's extension

Step 5. Pakistan Affairs:

✓ War of independence

✓ Minto Morley reforms

✓ lacknow pact

✓ Indian act 1935

✓ 3rd June plan

✓ 14 points of Qaid e Azam M.Ali jannah.

✓ Downfall of Dhaka

✓ One unit.

✓ Balochistan insurgency & Militancy.

✓ Martial laws

✓ 28th may 1998 Yom e Tkbeer 

✓ 6th sep defense day

✓ 27 Feb Abhi Bandanan

✓ 5 august 2019 Kashmir curfue.

Step 6. Subject Related Question Answers:

✓ When Subject established

✓ Who was the first DG 

✓ Who is the current DG

✓ Who was the second last DG

✓ ByWhom & when Subject established

✓ Why you want to join Subject..

Step 7. Avoid from following things:

* Too much speaking

* Don't speak loudly 

* Speak politely

* If you have / haven't sure about anything thing don't argue with false claim.

Step 8. Things To do during interview:

✓ Speak politely if you not sure then say sorry & request for another question ?

✓ Dressing should be impressive

✓ Entering in interview room 


✓ Take permission for sitting on chair

✓ After interview say Thank you Sir.

Top 100 Most Repeated Letter H Words For Competitive Exams

If you are looking English Difficult Words with complete meanings with letter H then you are here on right website page. On this page you will learn English most difficult words with meanings of Letter H for Competitive exams tests Preparations. Learn here Most difficult word meanings in English and URDU.

English Word Meanings Letter H
English Words With Meanings Letter H

English Most Difficult Word With Meanings

Sr. Words URDU Meanings English Meanings
1 Habitat مسکن The Type Of Environment In Which An Organism Normally Lives
2 Habitual عادت Commonly Used Or Practiced
3 Habitue مستقل آنے جانے وال A Regular Patron
4 Hackneyed گھسا پٹا Repeated Too Often; Overfamiliar Through Overuse
5 Haggard بدمعاش Showing The Wearing Effects Of Overwork Or Care Or Suffering
6 Haggle سودا کرنا An Instance Of Intense Argument (As In Bargaining)
7 Halcyon خوشحال Idyllically Calm And Peaceful; Suggesting Happy Tranquility
8 Hale دباو ڈالنا Exhibiting Or Restored To Vigorous Good Health
9 Hallowed مقدس Worthy Of Religious Veneration
10 Halt رکنا Cause To Stop
11 Haphazardly بے ترتیبی سے Without Care; In A Slapdash Manner
12 Hapless بے بس Unfortunate And Deserving Pity
13 Harangue بولنا باتیں کرنا بلند آواز سے ولولہ انگیز Address Forcefully
14 Harbinger ہرکارہ, خبر رساں Something Indicating The Approach Of Something Or Someone
15 Harmony ہم آہنگی Compatibility In Opinion And Action
16 Harried پریشان Troubled Persistently, Especially With Petty Annoyances
17 Harrowing پریشان کن Causing Extreme Distress
18 Hasten جلدی کرو Move Fast
19 Haughty مغرور Having Or Showing Arrogant Superiority
20 Hauteur غرور, گمان, اکڑ, تکببر Overbearing Pride With A Superior Manner Toward Inferiors
21 Haven پناہ گاہ A Shelter Serving As A Place Of Safety Or Sanctuary
22 Havoc تباہی Violent And Needless Disturbance
23 Headstrong مضبوط Habitually Disposed To Disobedience And Opposition
24 Hearsay سنی سنائی بات Gossip Passed Around By Word Of Mouth
25 Hearty دلدار Showing Warm And Sincere Friendliness
26 Heathen غیرت مند A Person Who Does Not Acknowledge Your God
27 Heave بھرنا Throw With Great Effort
28 Heckler تنگ کرنے والا Someone Who Tries To Embarrass You With Gibes And Objections
29 Heed توجہ Pay Close Attention To
30 Heedless غافل Characterized By Careless Unconcern
31 Hegemony تسلط The Dominance Or Leadership Of One Social Group Over Others
32 Heinous گھناؤنی Extremely Wicked Or Deeply Criminal
33 Heir وارث A Person Who Inherits Some Title Or Office
34 Helm بندوبست کرنا ۔ انتظار کرنا A Position Of Leadership
35 Hemisphere نصف کرہ Half Of A Round, Three-Dimensional Shape
36 Hemorrhage نکسیر The Flow Of Blood From A Ruptured Blood Vessel
37 Herald اہم خبر سنانے والا Foreshadow Or Presage
38 Herbivorous سبزی خور Feeding Only On Plants
39 Herculean بہت طاقتور Extremely Difficult; Requiring Great Strength
40 Hereditary خاندان کے افراد Passed On By Established Rules Of Descent
41 Heresy بدعت Any Opinions At Variance With The Official Position
42 Heritage ورثہ That Which Is Inherited
43 Hermetic مکمل طور پر بند ہوا بند Completely Sealed Or Airtight
44 Hermitage حُجرہ ۔ تَکیہ ۔ الَگ یا اکیلےرھنے والی جگہ The Abode Of A Recluse
45 Heterodox عقیدے سے انحرافی Characterized By Departure From Accepted Standards
46 Heterogeneous متفاوت Consisting Of Elements Not Of The Same Kind Or Nature
47 Heuristic تحقیقی A Commonsense Rule To Help Solve Some Problem
48 Hew کلہاڑی سے کاٹنا Strike With An Axe; Cut Down, Strike
49 Hiatus وقفہ An Interruption In The Intensity Or Amount Of Something
50 Hibernate سست پڑا رہنا Be In An Inactive Or Dormant State
51 Hierarchy درجہ بندی A Series Of Ordered Groupings Within A System
52 Hieroglyphic علاماتی زبان Belonging To A Writing System Using Pictorial Symbols
53 Hilarious مزاحیہ Extremely Funny; Causing Laughter
54 Hinder رکاوٹ Be An Obstacle To
55 Hindmost سب سے پیچھے Located Farthest To The Rear
56 Hindrance رکاوٹ Any Obstruction That Impedes Or Is Burdensome
57 Hinge قبضہ A Joint That Holds Two Parts Together So That One Can Swing
58 Hinterland اندرون ملک A Remote And Undeveloped Area
59 Hireling کرایہ پر لینا A Person Who Works Only For Money
60 Hirsute بالوں والا آدمی Having Or Covered With Hair
61 Histrionic تاریخی Overly Dramatic Or Emotional
62 Hoard ذخیرہ Save Up As For Future Use
63 Hoary عمر رسیدہ Having Gray Or White Hair As With Age
64 Hoax چکما Something Intended To Deceive
65 Hoist لہرانا Raise Or Haul Up With Or As If With Mechanical Help
66 Holocaust عالمگیر بربادی An Act Of Mass Destruction And Loss Of Life
67 Homage خراج عقیدت پیش Respectful Deference
68 Homespun گھر پر بنا کپڑا Characteristic Of Country Life
69 Homily عاجزی سے A Sermon On A Moral Or Religious Topic
70 Homogeneous یکساں All Of The Same Or Similar Kind Or Nature
71 Homologous ہم جنس Similar In Position, Structure, Function, Or Characteristics
72 Hone چھری تیز کرنے کا آلہ Refine Or Make More Perfect Or Effective
73 Honor عزت Bestow Rewards Upon
74 Honorable معزز Deserving Of Esteem And Respect
75 Horde بھیڑ A Vast Multitude
76 Horizon افق The Line At Which The Sky And Earth Appear To Meet
77 Horrendous خوفناک Causing Fear Or Dread Or Terror
78 Hortatory ترغیب آمیز Giving Strong Encouragement
79 Horticultural باغبانی Of Or Relating To The Cultivation Of Plants
80 Hospitable مہمان نواز Disposed To Treat Guests And Strangers With Generosity
81 Hostile دشمنی Troops Belonging To The Enemy's Military Forces
82 Hovel جھونپڑا Small Crude Shelter Used As A Dwelling
83 Hover منڈلانا Hang In The Air; Fly Or Be Suspended Above
84 Hubris حبس Overbearing Pride Or Presumption
85 Humane انسانی Showing Evidence Of Moral And Intellectual Advancement
86 Humanitarian انسان دوست انسان کے فلاح کے کام Marked By Devotion To Popular Welfare
87 Humiliation ذلت State Of Disgrace Or Loss Of Self-Respect
88 Humility عاجزی A Lack Of Arrogance Or False Pride
89 Humongous بہت بڑا Very Large
90 Hurtle ہلچل Move With Or As If With A Rushing Sound
91 Husbandry کاشتکاری The Practice Of Cultivating The Land Or Raising Stock
92 Hybrid دوغلا The Offspring Of Genetically Dissimilar Parents Or Stock
93 Hydrophobia جس میں پانی سے ڈر لگتا ہے Viral Disease Of The Nervous System Of Warm-Blooded Animals
94 Hyperbole مبالغہ Extravagant Exaggeration
95 Hyperbolic محدب پر مبنی Enlarged Beyond Truth Or Reasonableness
96 Hypnagogic نیند آور Sleep Inducing
97 Hypochondriac عظیم الشان خاموش مریض؛ ذہنی بیمار A Patient With Imaginary Symptoms And Ailments
98 Hypocritical منافقانہ Professing Feelings Or Virtues One Does Not Have
99 Hypothetical فرضی A Conjectural Possibility Or Circumstance
100 Hysteria غصہ دیوانہ پن State Of Violent Mental Agitation

Top 100 Most Repeated Letter G Words For Competitive Exams

On this page you will learn English Letter 'G' Most important 100 words with complete meanings in English and URDU for you upcoming exams and competitive tests preparations. Learn these question answers most repeated MCQs for your upcoming exams and tests preparations.

English Word Meanings
English Difficult Word Meanings In English URDU

English Words With Meanings With Letter G For Competitive Exams

Sr. Words URDU Meanings English Meanings
1 Gaffe بے تُکی بات A Socially Awkward Or Tactless Act
2 Gallant بہادر Unflinching In Battle Or Action
3 Galvanize جستی بنانا Stimulate To Action
4 Gamut لکھے ہوئے راگ کے سُروں کا مجموعہ A Complete Extent Or Range
5 Garb لباس Provide With Clothes Or Put Clothes On
6 Garish گریش Tastelessly Showy
7 Garment لباس An Article Of Clothing
8 Garnish کھانے کی ڈش وغیرہ سجانا Something Added To A Dish For Flavor Or Decoration
9 Garrulous گڑبڑ Full Of Trivial Conversation
10 Gastronomy معدے The Art And Practice Of Preparing And Eating Good Food
11 Gaudy بھونڈے Tastelessly Showy
12 Gaunt وحشت ناک, ویران Very Thin Especially From Disease Or Hunger Or Cold
13 Gender صنف Properties That Distinguish Organisms On The Basis Of Sex
14 Genealogy نسب نامہ The Study Or Investigation Of Ancestry And Family History
15 Generalization تعمیم کا عمل ۔ عام تصَوُّر ۔ اصُول یا بیان The Process Of Abstracting Common Properties Of Instances
16 Generation نسل All The People Living At The Same Time Or Of The Same Age
17 Generic عام Relating To Or Applicable To An Entire Class Or Group
18 Genetic جینیاتی Of A Segment Of DNA Involved In Producing Polypeptide Chains
19 Genial فرحت افزا, خوشگوار Diffusing Warmth And Friendliness
20 Genre نوع An Expressive Style Of Music
21 Genteel مہذب, خلیق, خوش اخلاق Marked By Refinement In Taste And Manners
22 Gentility غیرت مندی۔ Elegance By Virtue Of Fineness Of Manner And Expression
23 Gentry جنٹری The Most Powerful Members Of A Society
24 Genuflect گھٹنوں کے بل کھڑے ہونا Bend The Knees And Bow Before A Religious Superior Or Image
25 Genuine حقیقی Not Fake Or Counterfeit
26 Germane معقول موزوں Relevant And Appropriate
27 Germinal جراثیمی Containing Seeds Of Later Development
28 Germinate اگنا Cause To Grow Or Sprout
29 Gerrymander جھوٹ بولنا؛ انتخابی اسکینڈل Divide Voting Districts Unfairly And To One's Advantage
30 Gestate اشارہ کرنا Be Pregnant With
31 Gesticulation اشارے A Deliberate And Vigorous Motion Of The Hands Or Body
32 Gesture اشارہ Motion Of Hands Or Body To Emphasize A Thought Or Feeling
33 Ghastly خوفناک Shockingly Repellent; Inspiring Horror
34 Gibberish بکواس Unintelligible Talking
35 Gibe ہنسی اڑانا An Aggressive Remark Directed At A Person Like A Missile
36 Giddy گھمبیر Lacking Seriousness; Given To Frivolity
37 Gingerly محتاط انداز سے In A Manner Marked By Extreme Care Or Delicacy
38 Gird کمربند Prepare Oneself For Action Or A Confrontation
39 Girder گرڈر A Beam Used As A Main Support In A Structure
40 Girth دائرہ The Distance Around Something, Especially A Person's Body
41 Gist خلاصہ The Choicest Or Most Vital Part Of Some Idea Or Experience
42 Glacial برفانی Relating To Or Derived From A Slowly Moving Mass Of Ice
43 Glean فصل کاٹنا Gather, As Of Natural Products
44 Glib چکنی چبڑی باتیں Marked By Lack Of Intellectual Depth
45 Glimmer جھلک Shine Brightly, Like A Star Or A Light
46 Gloat فخر و ناز سے دیکھنا Dwell On With Satisfaction
47 Globalization عالمگیریت Growth To A Worldwide Scale
48 Glower چمکنے والا Look Angry Or Sullen As If To Signal Disapproval
49 Glum بد مزاج Moody And Sorrowful
50 Glut زیادہ پیٹ بھر لینا زیادہ کھانا An Overabundant Or Excessive Supply
51 Glutinous چپچپا, لس دار, چیپ دار Having The Sticky Properties Of An Adhesive
52 Glutton پیٹو A Person Who Is Devoted To Eating And Drinking To Excess
53 Gluttony بسیار خوری Habitual Eating To Excess
54 Gnarled نرالا Old And Twisted And Covered In Lines
55 Goad نوکدار لاٹھی Stab Or Urge On As If With A Pointed Stick
56 Gorge گھاٹی Overeat Or Eat Immodestly
57 Gorgeous خوبصورت Dazzlingly Beautiful
58 Gory گوری Covered With Blood
59 Gossamer نازک ہلکا Characterized By Unusual Lightness And Delicacy
60 Gouge گوج Make A Groove In
61 Gourmand اچھی خوراک والا A Person Who Is Devoted To Eating And Drinking To Excess
62 Gourmet شان و شوکت سے رہنے والا A Person Devoted To And Knowledgeable About Fine Food
63 Govern حکومت کرنا Exercise Authority Over, As Of Nations
64 Governance انتظامیہ ، بندوبست ، حکمرانی The Act Of Exercising Authority
65 Grading درجہ بندی Evaluation Of Performance By Assigning A Score
66 Graduated فارغ التحصیل Marked With Or Divided Into Degrees
67 Graduation مطالعہ کے پروگرام کی کامیاب تکمیل The Successful Completion Of A Program Of Study
68 Graft رشوت Tissue Or Organ Transplanted From A Donor To A Recipient
69 Granary غلہ خانہ A Storehouse For Threshed Grain Or Animal Feed
70 Grandeur عظمت The Quality Of Being Magnificent Or Splendid
71 Grandiloquent شاندار Puffed Up With Vanity
72 Grandiose عظیم الشان Impressive Because Of Unnecessary Largeness Or Magnificence
73 Graphic زندگی کی مانند Written Or Drawn Or Engraved
74 Grapple بھڑ جانا, گتھنا, جٹنا, ہاتھا پائی Work Hard To Come To Terms With Or Deal With Something
75 Gratify خوش کرنا Make Happy Or Satisfied
76 Gratitude شکرگزاری A Feeling Of Thankfulness And Appreciation
77 Gratuitous بلاوجہ Unnecessary And Unwarranted
78 Gratuity خدمت کا انعام A Small, Extra Gift Of Money For Services Rendered
79 Graze چرنا Let Feed In A Field Or Pasture Or Meadow
80 Gregarious ہموار Temperamentally Seeking And Enjoying The Company Of Others
81 Grievance شکایت A Complaint About A Wrong That Causes Resentment
82 Grievous غمناک Shockingly Brutal Or Cruel
83 Grim سنگین Harshly Uninviting Or Formidable In Manner Or Appearance
84 Grimace چہرے کی بناوٹی Contort The Face To Indicate A Certain Mental State
85 Gripe گرفت Complain
86 Grisly بھیانک Shockingly Repellent; Inspiring Horror
87 Groan کراہنا Indicate Pain, Discomfort, Or Displeasure
88 Groggy بدمزاج Stunned Or Confused And Slow To React
89 Groom دولہا Give A Neat Appearance To
90 Grovel ذلت کا اظہار کرنا خوف زدہ ہونا پیر پڑنا ڈرنا Show Submission Or Fear
91 Grudging کراہت Petty Or Reluctant In Giving Or Spending
92 Grueling کربناک Characterized By Effort To The Point Of Exhaustion
93 Gruff بھرائی ہوئی آواز Blunt And Unfriendly Or Stern
94 Guild ہم پیشہ لوگ A Formal Association Of People With Similar Interests
95 Guile چال The Use Of Tricks To Deceive Someone
96 Guileless بے عیب Innocent And Free Of Deceit
97 Guise بھیس An Artful Or Simulated Semblance
98 Gullible بے وقوف Naive And Easily Deceived Or Tricked
99 Gumption سمجھ, ذہانت, سیاق, عقل Fortitude And Determination
100 Gustatory گستاخانہ Of Or Relating To The Sense Of Taste