9th Chemistry Unit 8 Electrochemistry MCQs Sindh Board

9th Grade Chemistry Chapter 8 Electrochemistry Sindh Board MCQs Notes Online Chapter Wise Question Answers. Sindh Boards Chemistry Subject Notes For Exams Preparations Karachi, Jamshoro, Sindh Boards. Chemistry class Ninth sindh board notes Unit 8 Electrochemistry Most Repeated Multiple Choice Questions With Answers. Chemistry notes for class IX sindh board karachi Boards.

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9th Chemistry MCQs

Q.1: The branch of chemistry that deals with the study of relationship between electrical and chemical energy is called:?
  1. Physical chemistry
  2. Electrochemistry
  3. Analytical chemistry
  4. Thermo chemistry
Q.2: The substance used for electrolysis is called:?
  1. Electrolyte
  2. None of these
  3. Non- electrolyte
  4. Electrolytic solution
Q.3: Sodium chloride melts at?
  1. 800oC
  2. 700oC
  3. 850oC
  4. 75 0oC
Q.4: Electrodes are made of?
  1. alloys
  2. non metals
  3. metals
  4. metalloids
Q.5: The quantity of charge which deposits or liberates exactly one gram equivalent of a substance is?
  1. Coulomb
  2. Ampere
  3. Faraday
  4. Electro chemical equivalent
Q.6: The process of coating one metal onto another is called?
  1. rusting
  2. electroplating
  3. none of these
  4. Electro chemical process
Q.7: One Faraday is equivalent to?
  1. 95600 Coulombs
  2. 96500 Coulombs
  3. 96550 Coulombs
  4. 96000 Coulombs
Q.8: Which one of these is not electrolyte?
  1. Acidulated water
  2. Sugar
  3. Sodium chloride solution
  4. Sodium hydroxide solution
Q.9: The unit of electro chemical equivalent is?
  1. G/coulomb
  2. Ampere
  3. Kg\coulomb
  4. Coulomb
Q.10: In dry cell electrolyte is the moist paste of?
  1. NH4Cl + ZnSO4
  2. MnO2 + ZnCl2
  3. NH4CI + MnO2
  4. NH4Cl ZnCI2
Q.11: A weak electrolyte is:?
  1. Sulphruic
  2. Citric acid
  3. Nitric acid
  4. A caustic alkali
Q.12: The electrolysis of fused sodium chloride is carried out in:?
  1. Voltaic cell
  2. Dry cell
  3. Downs cell
  4. Galvanic cell
Q.13: The electrodes used in the electrolytic cell to carry out electrolysis of water are made of:?
  1. Copper
  2. Carbon
  3. Graphite
  4. Platinum
Q.14: During electrolysis of which hydrogen is released at the cathode and oxygen is released at the anode?
  1. NaCl
  2. HgO
  3. Water
  4. H2O2
Q.15: One Faraday has?
  1. 92,500 C
  2. 94,500 C
  3. 93,9500 C
  4. 96\,500 C
Q.16: The deposition of a metal on another metal is called:?
  1. Reduction
  2. Electrolysis
  3. Electroplating
  4. Oxidation
Q.17: In electroplating, the thing to be electroplated is made the:?
  1. Anode
  2. Cathode
  3. Electrolyte
  4. Electrolytic cell
Q.18: In which cells, oxidation loss of electrons occurs at anode and reduction gain of electrons occurs at cathode?
  1. Electrolytic
  2. Electrochemical
  3. Secondary
  4. Primary
Q.19: Any device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy or electrical energy into chemical energy is called:?
  1. Pencil cell
  2. Electrolytic cell
  3. Electrochemical cell
  4. Photo cell
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