9th Chemistry Unit 10 Chemical Energetics MCQs Sindh Board

 9th Grade Chemistry Chapter 10 Chemical Energetics Sindh Board MCQs Notes Online Chapter Wise Question Answers. Sindh Boards Chemistry Subject Notes For Exams Preparations Karachi, Jamshoro, Sindh Boards. Chemistry class Ninth sindh board notes Unit 10 Chemical Energetics Most Repeated Multiple Choice Questions With Answers. Chemistry notes for class IX sindh board karachi Boards.

Chemistry Sindh Board Notes
9th Chemistry Chemical Energetics MCQs

Q.1: In an exothermic reaction.?
  1. None of them
  2. Heat energy is gained
  3. Heat energy is lost
  4. Heat energy is lost as well as gained
Q.2: In an exothermic reaction.?
  1. Container becomes cold
  2. The temperature of container remains the same
  3. Container becomes hot
  4. None of them
Q.3: During an endothermic reaction.?
  1. Total energy of reactants increases
  2. The temperature of container used remains same
  3. Container used becomes hot
  4. Container used becomes cold
Q.4: The heat evolved during the formation of 1 mole of water from H2 and O2 is.?
  1. 186 Kilo joules/mol.
  2. 300 Kilo joules/mol.
  3. 286 Kilo Joules\mol.
  4. 200 Kilo joules/mol.
Q.5: The formation of water from H2 and O2 is example of:?
  1. None of them
  2. Neutralization reaction
  3. Exothermic reaction
  4. Endothermic reaction
Q.6: In endothermic reaction:?
  1. heat is evolved
  2. heat is absorbed
  3. heat is neither absorbed not evolved
  4. none of them
Q.7: In exothermic reaction:?
  1. heat is absorbed
  2. heat is evolved
  3. heat is neither absorbed not evolved
  4. none of them
Q.8: The Brach of chemistry which deals with the study of heat changes in chemical reaction is called:?
  1. inorganic chemistry
  2. biochemistry
  3. organic chemistry
  4. thermo-chemistry
Q.9: During the combustion of coal, energy released is:?
  1. 286 KJ/mole
  2. 3.53 KJ/mole
  3. 393.7 KJ\mole
  4. 890 K.J/mole
Q.10: Using exothermic reaction to warm food, the temperature of food reaches to:?
  1. 60.5oC
  2. 50oC
  3. 60oC
  4. 55oC
Q.11: The flameless radiation heater contains a mixture of:?
  1. Mg, Ca and NaCI
  2. Mg, Na and H2O
  3. Mg, Fe and NaCI
  4. Mg, Ca and H2O
Q.12: Which of the following reaction is endothermic?
  1. The decomposition of H2O
  2. The formation of H2O from H2 and O2
  3. Burning of Methane
  4. Combustion of Coal
Q.13: The reaction between an acid and base to form salt and water is called:?
  1. Decomposition
  2. Addition
  3. Neutralization
  4. None of These
Q.14: The formation of NO from ½ N2 and ½ O2 is an example of:?
  1. exothermic reaction
  2. neutralization reaction
  3. endothermic reaction
  4. none of these
Q.15: When methane is burnt amount of heat released is:?
  1. 890 KJ/mole
  2. 92.0 KJ/mole
  3. 296 KJ/mole
  4. 286 KJ/mole
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