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10th Class Biology KPK Board PDF Short Notes

 If you are looking KPK Board biology PDF Notes. So, You are here on right page. On this Page you will get in PDF KPK biology textbook short PDF notes. All chapters’ biology short notes with solved short & question answers, MCQs, Past Papers.

10th Class Chapter Wise Biology PDF Notes
10th Biology Note KPK Board

All other subjects of KPK Board notes are also available on this website. KPK Board 9th class biology notes are also available in PDF. EasyMCQs online quiz tests chapter wise with solved answers of all questions are on this site. All KPK First year biology book in PDF for exams tests preparations. 10th class biology kpk board old papers with objective and subjective type question answers in PDF.

10th Class Biology Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK Board Notes In PDF
Chapter 10 - Gaseous Exchange View Notes
Chapter 11 - Homeostasis View Notes
Chapter 12 - Coordination And Control View Notes
Chapter 13 - Support And Movement View Notes
Chapter 14 - Reproduction View Notes
Chapter 15 - Inheritance View Notes
Chapter 16 - Man And His Environment View Notes
Chapter 17 - Biotechnology View Notes
Chapter 18 - Pharmacology View Notes

There are many students who want to learn short syllabus for their exams Preparation. If you want to learn and study short notes in PDF of Biology subject then learn these notes. These PDF notes are also helpful for entry tests just like MDCAT exams and other tests just like KPPSC - Khybar Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission Exams Entry Test.

In many entry tests or college admission tests Biology is the main subject for passing the test. In Pakistan Medical Colleges and Medical Universities have Entry test before Admission in any Medical Faculty.

If you want to take admission in veterinary VDM medical Class then biology is the compulsory subject for passing and getting better marks in it. MDCAT syllabus of entry test from 9th, 10th, 1st year, 2nd year Science Books. So, 10th Class Biology Notes are for those students of Khybar Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan Boards students who want to learn easy and short notes for better study in short time.


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