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Patriotism Easy Essay For All Classes

Having or expressing love for one's country is what we call patriotism. In other words, it means devotion, loyalty and commitment to one's country. It is a noble sentiment which is compulsory for the honor and solidarity of a country. A man who lacks this pure feeling, is nothing short of a dead soul. To add, patriotism is not a mere love for a piece of land, but the ideology of the people living in that land; and patriotism is loyalty to that ideology.

Easy Essay On Patriotism For All Class Students And Other Readers
Patriotism Essay For All Classes

True and original patriotism is not consisted of the defense of the country; it also appears to show off its power in peace time. In addition, patriotism inspires a man to contribute to the well-being of the country. It forms in the individual, a sense of brotherhood, cooperation and sympathy for the countryman.

A patriot feels flaunt of his country and countrymen. However, a true and sensible human mustn't have even a speck of hatred for his brothers and countrymen. A little and tiny bred of jealousy puts the whole bushel into fire of fascism. Patriotism is actually a pious spirit which rouses the passion of love and unity with the sense of cooperation among the people, which, in turn, makes them a dynamic force, that can push the shipoof their country through storms.

The love for one's land is just aspect of patriotism. A child born in a certain land is liable to develop love for it, no matter how much a barren and void of verdure. The English dramatist, George Bernard Shaw quoted,"Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it.

On the other hand, there is another type of patriotism we may recall it as destructive and eyeless patriotism. In addition, Oscar Wilde said,"Patriotism is the practice of the vicious." We know how the fascist reign of Adolf Hitler exploited the ardour of patriotism of German nation for the diminishing decision of the world. Vicious love for country is the opposite of Islamic teachings.

The teachings of Islam are purely propound the the theory of international brotherhood and negate the philosophy over the slim nationalism based on the concept of superiority of one nation to other.

Buddha has also said in his regard,"To him whom love dwells, the whole world is but one family." True patriotism is one of the noblest virtues. A true Patriot is one who loves other nations as well and loves to develop friendship with them and hates the idea of war.

However, if any vicious force invaded his country, he, willingly rather passionately, defends his country in laying down his life while defending her. A true patriotism is he who considers himself as the citizen of the world, desirous of peace for the whole world and sensitive to the plight and miseries of other nations.

Mir Taqi Mir has beautifully explained the virtues of a true Patriot in such words,"My heart aches when dagger is pointed at somebody. All the pains of the world are in my soulless heart."

Accordingly, Our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said,"No Arab is superior to Non-Arab and no Non-Arab is superior to Arab. No white is superior to black man and no black man is superior to white man.

All the human being are off springs of Adam and Adam was created out of clay." Not even the greatest and most economical country can be more noble than the frail ones. Each patriot has their own way of expressing passion. Che Guvera fought the Gureilla War, risking his life for his country, Cuba.

Quaid-e-Azam, for our country, Pakistan, toiled hard. George Orwell wrote novels and articles for the pride of England, even was mailed and threatened. Armies live in darkness, death and hardships only for their countries. They feel no hesitation as they are patriots and they never fear. We all, being the members of this soil, need to do much better works for our country and fear no risk and sacrifices.


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