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Summer Season English English Essay

Welcome Students and Readers Today here i am sharing Summer Season Essay In English. You can easily prepared for 5th to 12th Class. Words are easily to learn for all students who want to learn and study for Summer Essays Learning.

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Summer Season English Essay

Summer Season is the season of bright Sunlight, clear blue skies and warmness in the air. Days are longer and nights become shorter during summer. Students enjoy this season as the schools remain closed during summers.

Many people enjoy summer season by going on a beach or a hill station for outings Children can play many outdoor games during summer.

Although the weather is hot during summer there are many positive benefits of this season. The warm air helps in the proper blood circulation. The bright sun rays are rich in vitamin D. This is the season when people seldom fall ill.

Summer Season wouldn’t be complete without mangoes, water melons, jack fruits, pineapples and plums. These summer picks are as nutritious as they are delicious.

How can one forget cuckoo bird which sings so sweetly during summer.

Summer season is indeed my favorite season because of the warmth and endless fun

Summer Season English Essay in Easy Words Points:

  1. The Summer Season starts in March and ends in June.
  2. It is very hot during this Weather.
  3. In this time the sky remains clear and dry.
  4. The ponds, Wells, rivers are dry at this time.
  5. The villagers do not get pure water.
  6. The trees stand leafless and cheerless.
  7. The field looks dry and cracked.
  8. The sun shines light and we sweat greatly.
  9. We get many types of fruits, Vegetables in this Weather.
  10. The Farmers prepared land for cultivation.

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