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Physics Entry Test MCQs Quiz Test Preparations

If you have applied in Entry Test. In that entry test exam Physics Subject is included Solved MCQs quiz tests. All of these important basics of Physics MCQs with answers will helpful for you test Preparation. MDCAT Physics MCQs Past Papers Quiz Test for studies online.

All of these Objective type Physics Subject Question answers learn with Easy MCQs Quiz Tests, Interviews, Viva and others exams tests Prepare here. Entry Test of Medical and Engineering test for the students and teachers.

Physics Objective Type MCQs Test For Entry Tests

Solved Physics Question Answers Objective Type MCQs

Q.1: The linear momentum of an X-ray photon of wavelength 0.1A is-------- ?

  1. 6.625x1023N-s
  2. 66.25x1023N-s
  3. 662.5x1023N-s
  4. data is insufficient


Q.2: In Compton scattering, the change in wavelength is maxed if-------- ?

  1. The angle of scattering is 90°
  2. The angle of scattering is 60°
  3. The angle of scattering is 180°
  4. The angle of scattering is 0


Q.3: The especially designed semiconductor diodes used as indicator lamps in electronic circuits are------- ?

  1. The switch
  2. The light emitting diode
  3. The photo diodes
  4. Solar cells.


Q.4: After traveling through a vacuum a photon of light entering into some transparent denser medium. Thus the energy of light------- ?

  1. Increases because wavelength decreases
  2. Decreases because speed decreases
  3. Remains same
  4. Increases then decrease


Q.5: A photon of wavelength 900nm behaves like a particle of mass-------- ?

  1. 5.53 x 10-36kg
  2. 0 kg.
  3. 2.46 x 10-36kg
  4. 1.84 x 10-44kg


Q.6: Which one of following band is completely filled in case of conductors ?

  1. Conduction band
  2. Fermi band
  3. Valence band
  4. Forbidden band


Q.7: In the electron microscope, electric & magnetic fields are used as-------- ?

  1. Electromagnetic gun
  2. Source of electromagnetic waves
  3. Deflecting charged particle
  4. Converging source of electrons


Q.8: Compton effect proves the---------- ?

  1. Photon theory of light
  2. Dual nature of light
  3. Wave nature of light
  4. Uncertain nature of light


Q.9: The power of a concave lens is---------- ?

  1. real
  2. virtual
  3. positive
  4. negative


Q.10: In multimode step index fibre the refractive index of core and cladding is------- ?

  1. same
  2. different
  3. zero
  4. different with refractive index of core higher than cladding


Q.11: A convex lens gives a virtual image only when the objects lies--------- ?

  1. between principal focus and center of curvature
  2. beyond 2 f
  3. at the principal focus
  4. between principal focus and optical center


Q.12: Magnification of the astronomical telescope is--------- ?

  1. fo+fe
  2. fo/fe
  3. fe/fo
  4. (1+fo/fe)L/fo


Q.13: Michelson calculated the speed of light using the instruments---------- ?

  1. spectrometer
  2. galvanometer
  3. interferometer
  4. none of these


Q.14: X-ray are---------- ?

  1. of unknown nature
  2. high energy electrons
  3. high energy photons
  4. radio isotopes


Q.15: In full wave rectification the output voltage across the load is obtained for------- ?

  1. The positive half cycle of input A.C.
  2. The negative half cycle of input A.C.
  3. The complete cycle of input A.
  4. All of the above.


Q.16: When we excite some atoms by heat collision or electrical discharge they will----------- ?

  1. radiate electromagnetic energy with a continuous distribution of wavelength
  2. absorb particular wavelengths when white light is incident on them
  3. radiate electromagnetic energy of discrete characteristic wavelength
  4. emit either invisible or visible light


Q.17: Radiation with wavelength longer than red lights------- ?

  1. ultraviolet rays
  2. X-rays
  3. infra red radiation
  4. visible radiation


Q.18: The minimum wavelength of X-rays can further be reduced by ---------- ?

  1. Reducing the pressure or cooling the target
  2. Increasing the temperature of the filament.
  3. Using a target element of higher atomic number
  4. Increasing the potential difference between the cathode and the target


Q.19: Wave-like characteristic of electron is demonstrated by------- ?

  1. Line spectrum of atoms
  2. Production of x-rays.
  3. Diffraction by crystalline solids
  4. Photoelectric effect


Q.20: p-n junction when reversed biased acts as a---------- ?

  1. capacitor
  2. inductor
  3. on switch
  4. off switch



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