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NTS Physics MCQs With Answers For Entry Test

Many of the students learn about NTS exams preparations for Admission Tests in College and University. Learn here Physics Question Answers Multiple Choice Objective Type Question Answers online here. All of these MCQs are important for the Physics Teaching jobs tests also, Many of the jobs are announced by the PPSC - Punjab Public Service Commission Tests in Punjab Pakistan.

Physics NTS Entry Tests And Jobs Test MCQs Learn Online
Physics Entry Test MCQs Quiz Test

Physics Question Answers are important for Engineering Entry Tests Preparations also. ECAT Tests are held by NTS Tests in Pakistan Prepare here Physics MCQs With Solutions. NTS Physics Entry Test MCQs Question Answers learn here.

Physics Objective Type Question Answers Quiz

Physics Question Answers MCQs For Entry Test

Q.1: What is the angle that the given vector makes with y-axis and A=2i+3j ?
  1. 30°
  2. 60°
  3. 90°
  4. 120°
Q.2: SI unit of torque is-------- ?
  1. N.m
  2. joule
  3. Both a and b are correct
  4. Neither a nor b is correct
Q.3: Electrons-------- ?
  1. Can exist inside the nucleus
  2. Cannot exist inside the nucleus
  3. Can exist both inside and outside the nucleus
  4. Do not know
Q.4: The charge on neutron is---------- ?
  1. Plus 1.6 x 10-19C
  2. Zero
  3. Minus 1.6 x 10-19C
  4. No definite charge
Q.5: Ideal fluid is---------- ?
  1. Non-viscous
  2. Incompressible
  3. Steady flow
  4. Possess all properties
Q.6: At Murree Hills (Assume the value of g changes). If we use a simple pendulum as time standard then one-second duration will------ ?
  1. Increase
  2. Decrease
  3. Remains the same
  4. Is zero
Q.7: The total energy of a body executing S.H.M is directly proportional to---------- ?
  1. The square root of amplitude
  2. The amplitude
  3. Reciprocal of amplitude
  4. Square of an amplitude
Q.8: An observer shoots parallel to a meter stick at very high (relativistic) speed and finds that the length of meter stick is-------- ?
  1. greater than one meter
  2. less than one meter
  3. one meter
  4. a foolish question
Q.9: A transmitting station emits radio waves of wavelength λ at power P. If h is Planck’s constant & c the speed of light what is the rate of emission of photons ?
  1. λ
  2. Speed of sound
  3. Speed of light
  4. h
Q.10: A point where the incident parallel rays of light converge or appear to diverge after passing through a lens is called-------- ?
  1. center of curvature
  2. focus
  3. optical center
  4. aperture
Q.11: Numerical value of Boltzmanns constant is------- ?
  1. 1.38×10-31JK-1
  2. 3.18×10-31JK-1
  3. 3.18×10-23JK-1
  4. 1.38×10-23JK-1
Q.12: Petrol engine is a--------- ?
  1. C.I engine
  2. SI engine
  3. IC engine
  4. all the above
Q.13: The resultant of two forces of equal magnitudes is also equal to the magnitude of the forces. The angle between the two forces is--------- ?
  1. 30°
  2. 60°
  3. 90°
  4. 120°
Q.14: Two vectors are A = 3i^+2j^ -k^& B = 3i^-2j^ +k^ , then------- ?
  1. B is anti-parallel to A
  2. B is a negative vector of A
  3. B has a negative magnitude
  4. B is perpendicular to A
Q.15: A body in equilibrium----------- ?
  1. Always at rest
  2. Always in uniform motion
  3. May be at rest or in uniform motion
  4. May be at rest or in motion
Q.16: Transuranic elements have an atomic number------- ?
  1. Greater than 72
  2. Greater than 82
  3. Greater than 92
  4. Greater than 102
Q.17: Mass of neutron is--------- ?
  1. 1.67 x 10-31 kg
  2. 1.67 x 10-27 kg
  3. 9.1 x 10-31 kg
  4. 1.67 x 10-19 kg
Q.18: Centripetal force performs-------- ?
  1. Maximum work
  2. Minimum work
  3. Negative work
  4. No work
Q.19: The planet nearest to the earth is--------- ?
  1. Venus
  2. Mercury
  3. Uranus
  4. Sun
Q.20: The restoring force acting on the simple pendulum is given by------- ?
  1. mg sin θ
  2. mg sin θ
  3. mg cos θ
  4. mg cos θ


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