Physics Easy MCQs With Answers For Entry Test

If you have applied for jobs tests in PPSC, FPSC, IB, Pak Army, Navay, CSS Competitive exams then here you will learn solved objective type Physics Question Answers. All of these MCQs are helpful for preparation of Entry Tests. These MCQs are for Physics subject Preparation Only. MCAT ECAT tests for entry tests / admission tests in colleges and universities for engineering and Medical Students. These MCQs can help for Preparation of tests.

Objective Type Quiz Test Physics Question Answers Online Preparations

Online solved Physics Entry Test MCQs are easy to learn here with solved quiz test. These Multiple Choice Objective Type MCQs are also for Interviews Preparation Purpose also. Physics Entry Test Question Answers learn with solved quiz Online here.

Objective Type Physics MCQs Quiz Test

Physics Solved MCQs For Entry Test Preparation

Q.1: In an electronic transition atom cannot emit--------- ?

  1. γ-rays
  2. Infra red radiation
  3. Visible light
  4. Ultraviolet rays


Q.2: The minimum wavelength of X-rays produced by the bombardment of electrons on the screen of a television set where the accelerating potential is 2.0K V will be-------- ?

  1. 6.2 x 10-10m
  2. 9.1 x 10-18m
  3. 3.11 x 10-10m
  4. 4 x 10-10m


Q.3: In He-Ne laser the lasing action is produced by--------- ?

  1. Ne only
  2. He-Ne both
  3. Electrons of He
  4. Electrons Ne


Q.4: Identify the correct statement about minority carriers------- ?

  1. holes in n-type and free electrons in p-type
  2. holes in n-type and p-type
  3. free electrons in n-type and holes in p-type
  4. free electrons in n-type and p-type


Q.5: Semi-conductors with donor atoms and free electrons belong to the type--------- ?

  1. n
  2. p
  3. mix
  4. any of above


Q.6: Which one of the following is not a donor impurity ?

  1. antimony
  2. phosphorus
  3. aluminium
  4. arsenic


Q.7: To obtain an n-type semiconductor germanium crystal it must be doped with foreign atoms whose valency is--------- ?

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. 5


Q.8: The specially designed semi-conductor diodes used as fast counters in electronic circuits are---------- ?

  1. The light emitting diodes
  2. Photo diodes
  3. Photo voltaic cell
  4. Solar cells.


Q.9: Boyles law helds for ideal gases in--------- ?

  1. isochoric processes
  2. isobaric processes
  3. isothermal processes
  4. adiabatic processes


Q.10: The size of one degree of Celsius is equal to---------- ?

  1. One degree of Fahrenheit scale
  2. 1.8 degrees of Fahrenheit scale
  3. 3.2 degrees of Fahrenheit scale
  4. 2.12 degrees of Fahrenheit scale


Q.11: In which process entropy remains constant-------- ?

  1. isobaric
  2. isochoric
  3. adiabatic
  4. isothermal


Q.12: The unit of entropy is---------- ?

  1. J.K
  2. J/K
  3. N.m/sec
  4. Kgm2/sec2.K


Q.13: Maximum number of components of a vector may be--------- ?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. Infinite


Q.14: An inductor may store energy in ---------- ?

  1. Its electric field
  2. Its coils
  3. Its magnetic field
  4. Both electric and magnetic fields


Q.15: The cross product of two vectors is a negative vector when--------- ?

  1. They are parallel vectors
  2. They are anti parallel vectors
  3. They are a perpendicular vector
  4. They are rotated through 270°


Q.16: I ^. (j^ x k^) is equal to---------- ?

  1. 1
  2. i^
  3. j^
  4. k^


Q.17: The dimension of torque is--------- ?

  1. [ML2T-2]
  2. [MLT-2]
  3. [ML2T]
  4. [ML-2T-2]


Q.18: Neutron and proton are commonly known as------ ?

  1. Nucleon
  2. Meson
  3. Boson
  4. Quartz


Q.19: Average energy required to remove one nucleon from the nucleus is called---------- ?

  1. Binding energy per nucleon
  2. Energy of decay
  3. Destruction energy
  4. All of above


Q.20: To reduce the uncertainty in the timing experiment--------- ?

  1. Highly precise instrument
  2. Conduct at room temperature
  3. Count number of vibration
  4. Both a and C


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