My Last Day At School Easy Short Essay

English helpful Quotations for Essay 9th, 10th Class with simple words for easily learning English Essay On "My Last Day At School" for all class students of Metric and Intermediate. This simple Words English Short Essay is helpful for all 8th class students also for learning exams Preparations.

Short Words Essay In English My Last Day At School For 8th, 9th, 10th, 1st year 2nd year students
English Simple Words Essay

"My Last Day At School English Essay"

It was the last day of our sweet and wonderful school. That day seemed as a death of the part of our lives. We had been reading in the school for eleven or more years and the leaving of it pained our heart as if long arrows have pierced our hearts.

We were leaving our sincere teachers, beloved friends and above all the great school. Tears rolled down from my eyes as pearls from the mermaids.

The scene when I entered the gate: the trees, the children playing, the cherry orchards, the teachers talking and the chattering are of students talking. I was totally obsessed because I had to leave them that day.

Everything in school seemed to tug my clothes to stop me leaving the school. But everything that starts has an end.

During my school life, I have had many ups and downs in school. I have gotten in trouble and I have struggles but most importantly, I have always had good grades and great friends. When you are in school, the main thing people try not to do is not get in trouble.

School was very easy for me. In fact I loved the school as best as I could. To me school is the key for our life in a society. Without school we cannot move forward.

Basically, everybody must go to school to learn how to read, to write and to understand the reason behind reading. I enjoyed going to school because I get the opportunity to learn something.

So, the day of departure arrived. I reached near my class looking at my classmates and Friends.

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