Pedagogy Urdu MCQs PDF Book

Solved Pedagogy Urdu MCQs Notes in PDF Book For B.Ed Students, FPSC, PPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, OTS, PTS and others guide with solved MCQs. All Past Papers Question Answers of Child development Education of PPSC, NTS, CSS, PMS papers solved MCQs. This Urdu Pedagogy PDF book will contain 50% questions from Pedagogy Urdu including Past Papers MCQs.

Also you can prepared here others MCQs in which History of Pakistan, General Knowledge, Solved MCQs from Current Affairs, Every Day Science, General Science and Ability in Online Quiz tests and PdF Books are for the students.

This PDF test book will also includes multiple choice questions of Child development Education in Urdu. Solved  Current affairs mcqs with online Quiz tests for the exams preparations. You should remain in touch with the latest news on politics, international affairs, Pakistan Affairs, sports, technology and personalities. General Knowledge MCQs on who is who and what is what PDF Book for exams.

Every Day Science and General Science & Ability MCQs Quiz Tests are also from the previous exams. Every Day Science MCQs are also the compulsory part of ESE General Test. These MCQs may be taken from the Vitamins, Universe, Human Body System, Inventions, Atmosphere. Analytical Reasoning section contains questions on probability, series and other questions.

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Teachers Pedagogy PDF Guide

Teachers Training Guide Pedagogy Notes and MCQs Book Download. Pakistan Affairs & Islamic Studies Notes in PDF are available Pakistan Affairs syllabus for the post of ESE (General)  all the important historical events such as Round Table Conference, formation of Muslim League, Nehru Report, Quaid-e-Azam 14 points, Allah Abad Address, all the important personalities such Quaid-e-Azam, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Sir Agha Khan, Liaqat Ali Khan which occurred.

Child Development Education Pedagogy PDF Book. Islamic Studies Short questions and Multiple Choice Questions With Solved Answers. Islamic Study MCQs Questions are also the part of all type of PPSC tests. Islamic Studies portion includes all the historical events of Islamic History, Ghazawas, Important dates, Ashra Mubashra and other basic information related to Hijrat, Madina Pact and other agreements.

Subject and Qualification Related MCQs for ESE General PPSC test will include 50% Multiple Choice Questions MCQs related to qualification. As B.Ed is the requirement for this Job. So MCQs on Pedagogy will also be included. To get an idea about the pedagogy MCQs please go through this book for preparation.
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